Wink – The Voidz [Live version] ( Guitar Tab Tutorial & Cover )

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Guitars : Epiphone Elitist Nick Valensi Riviera P-94
& Fender Telecaster Standard Lefty
Overdrive : VS-XO Truetone Dual Overdrive
Tuner : Korg Pitchblack Custom PB-CS (White)
Amp : Fender Bullet Reverb
Mic : Shure KSM44 Condenser
Interface : Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
Audio Software : Digital Performer 8
Video Software : Final Cut Pro X
Camera : Canon Powershot SX60 HS

Tabs Symbols: () Opcional note
/ Slide up
Slide down
h Hammer-on
p Pull-off
pm Palm Mute
v Vibrato
+ Harmonic
x Mute note
b Bend
br Bend release
pb Pre bend
pbr Pre Bend release
|| Repeat Strum/Picking
R Repeat Section


Jorge Orellana – Santiago de Chile

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50 Replies to “Wink – The Voidz [Live version] ( Guitar Tab Tutorial & Cover )”

  1. Ricardo Oo

    I see the writing on the wall
    I was playing it too safe
    Playing it too safe is dangerous
    All the things that kept me going
    Was all the things that slowed me down
    I see the writing on the wall

    [Verse 1]
    I thought it was here, but it's not my fault
    You said it was there, but it's not over there
    Oh, fuck yeah
    It's gonna be somewhere you'll see

    I don't wanna know
    Guess we could make up stuff to talk about
    Woah oh oh oh oh oh

    [Verse 2]
    I wanna put you in my crocodile mouth
    And drag you to the bottom of my swamp
    Oh, fuck yeah
    It's gonna be something to see


    I don't really know where I'm going
    Not sure that I wanna be knowing
    Everyone's the hero in their made-up movie life
    I was playing it too safe I see
    Playing it too safe is dangerous
    Maybe not for me but for them

    [Verse 3]
    People who do not do anything know
    Exactly where all their time is going
    Oh, fuck yeah
    Gonna be— happier maybe

    [Verse 4]
    People in the wrong bodies, mountain broken like a heart
    Drive a highway through you like a rainbow arc
    It's all over there, oh somewhere
    It's gonna be, cheap, maybe free

    Stay a while
    I never wanted it to go that way
    Say it in a while
    A plane flies through the moon
    Or we could think of things to talk about
    Save it in a pile
    Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

  2. Dhroov Patel

    Hearing how this sounds really pisses me off because it shows how this song could have sounded with less messy production and more emphasis on the instruments. Wink is great live, but they completely screwed it up with the over-the-top production on the studio version.

  3. Luis Morales

    I don’t know why I never commented this in your videos but I talked to Jeff, the keyboardist of the voidz, at this one little show he did with Beardo and his other band “minus light”, Jeff was playing the drums with Beardo and his girlfriend and some other guy, the point is that after the show I was talking to Jeff and I asked him if he plays guitar and he said yeah that he practices that he goes on YouTube and he said that he watches this guy that has the screen split into half with two guitars, I knew who he was talking about when he said that, cool to know a voidz member watched your videos!! Beautiful video by the way!

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