Wink Hub 2 and siri using home bridge

Hi Guys,

I wanted to put together a comprehensive guide for you on how to setup a raspberry pi to work with your wink hub 2 and home kit. I’ve successfully got this to work with a raspberry pi 2.

In order to get homekit to connect with my wink hub 2, I followed a guide by Stunod7 over on reddit ( but had to make a few modifications for it work correctly with my raspberry pi 2. If you would like to purchase a raspberry pi, you can get one from Amazon (US- CA –

Here is a list of all the steps I took to make it work.
Follow the guide here to get it all working:

10 Replies to “Wink Hub 2 and siri using home bridge”

  1. Imad Ansari

    Great video. What other smart hardware are you using with your ecosystem? For example what brand of smart lights? Do you have smart switches etc and which ones do you use/recommend?

  2. David Berman

    I'm a beginner, but know my way around computers a bit. Gonna get a RP3. Can you point me to the install instructions you used to setup the winkhub2 and homebridge on raspberry pi? It'll be my first time doing it, but with clear instructions, i'm confident I can do it.

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