Wilson Phillips' Star Carnie Wilson Takes Control of Her Health With New Bite-Sized Company

The Insider’s Louis Aguirre caught up with Carnie in the kitchen to talk about her struggles with weight and her new company, Love Bites.

11 Replies to “Wilson Phillips' Star Carnie Wilson Takes Control of Her Health With New Bite-Sized Company”

  1. Jared Diaz

    I love all these self-professed former overweight people who think their critical comments are somehow appropriate, helpful, or even justified. If you successfully lost weight after a period of obesity, good for you! Don't kid yourself that you won't ever be obese again. Life happens and circumstances change. Hers did. Yours may too someday. Less trolling, more kindness.

  2. Rehtaeh Black

    I think she’s just decided to be fat and happy. I have noticed she seems a lot happier since she started her dessert company than when she was capitalizing off of her weight loss surgeries. Her health is her business. I don’t believe popular people should set a “good example.” We’re all adults here. Choices are a personal thing; so are the consequences from those choices. As for kids, tend to your own.

  3. shigsho

    I am a fan BUT I have always worried about her weight because of health issues. Dieting and weight loss are about EATING. It is about what you eat. There is no secret to losing weight. Sorry but "big-boned" "slow metabolism" are empty excuses. Eat less, drink water more often and move around. That sweet tooth is a slow killer. Eat like a thin person and you will become one.

  4. Carole Pearson

    We live in a world where weight is always judged and if deemed “overweight” you are often portrayed as a loser.
    Take a look at the classic paintings and you will always see “ overweight” women portrayed, but in times gone by they were seen as decent members of society and often thought of as beauties.
    This keep fit, keep thin culture will backfire pretty soon. I bet there weren’t to many people with eating disorders and lack of self confidence back when the classics were painted.
    I doubt they had 8 year olds in clinics for emotional problems related to an eating disorder.
    Keep on keeping thin people. The human race has much to learn about what is beautiful.

  5. Coach Espinoza

    She said 300 pounds? So, an obese lady selling sweet treats. OK. I remember Carnie dropping tens of thousands in cash for a gastric bypass in San Diego in the early 90's. Rumor was $50,000 cold cash to start more to finish. Money cant by you happiness. No Laws violated…she videotaped it all. Surprised me how short she was when I was an EKG technician.
    I just lost 30 pounds the old fashioned way. Calories in Calories out and exercise. Atkins and Paleo diet. Just $50,000 short of getting put under a knife.

  6. Kip Paseo

    I love Wilson Phillips but I worry that carne it's going to be one of those Stars that gets labeled Gone Too Soon. As someone who has battled with weight issues for most of my life I don't feel I should have to qualify my opinion when I say that she really really needs to get a better grip on her health before it's too late and she definitely should not promote such a unhealthy lifestyle to her daughter's. Food is not love it's killing her.

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