Wii U – Yoshi’s Woolly World E3 2015 Trailer

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30 Replies to “Wii U – Yoshi’s Woolly World E3 2015 Trailer”

  1. Meinyan

    Yoshi's Woolly World is a great game but my criticism to the game is a lack of original enemies, bosses,, and it's disappointing final boss. game would've been more better if it had a variety of original enemies.

  2. Brandon Schneider

    To make this game look SOOOO good and then port it to the 3DS. Why Nintendo? I bought it and it's really fun to play. But man each time I know I've missed out on the good visuals. Because I'll never have a Wii U because there weren't a lot manufactured. So the price never dropped. Good times as always.

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