Wii U is STILL Worth Buying in 2020! (thanks to virtual console)

Nintendo Wii U is a console that didn’t light the market on fire. However, in some areas, the Wii U still beats Nintendo Switch. The Wii U virtual console is an incredible catalog of classic games. Today I wanted to highlight just how awesome the Nintendo Wii U is. Would you like a full Wii U review in 2020? Are you still playing your Nintendo Wii U? Let me know in the comments!

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48 Replies to “Wii U is STILL Worth Buying in 2020! (thanks to virtual console)”

  1. Michael Hart

    Reasons to own a Wii U.. with the exception of the switch the Wii U gives you the opportunity to play every Nintendo console from the Wii U to the NES if you jailbreak the console and use homebrew. Nintendont, Wii VC injects, Retroarch ( could use VC, but for all the 2D consoles I use retroarch) and N64 VC, you have a vast library of over 6 console generations of Nintendo games. If only the had a decent N64 emulator for Wii and Wii u. Wii64 and not64 is crap, and the virtual console only has 21 N64 games. But still outside of the original Nintendo 64 the Virtual Console is the best way to play those games, and you can even use an injector tool to take away the dark filter and make them wide screen.

  2. Darth Karnivorus

    I still play mine more than my switch and the interface looks better and the eshop looks and runs better than the laggy switch eshop.

    Still love my wii u and will never part with it and the games are a fraction of the price than when they get released on switch, yes sometimes they will play a bit better on switch but £10 compared to £50 is a steal for the exact same game


    My favorite Nintendo system. Was playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the first time on the Wii U a few days ago. Even though I have played it on the Switch.

    Great Library. Console is amazing.

  4. werty werrtyson

    I only got my Wii U last year and it has become one of my most played consoles. It is perfect for playing with my kid. I guess the Switch would be good as well but I only have the Switch Lite so for local multi-player the Wii U is better and it can play so many ways with the game pad or pro controller and the wii motes and plays wii games and virtual console games as well. Despite being 720p the games have aged so much better than the PS3 games at least Nintendo games first party games still look beautiful even on my 4k TV.

  5. Potato-Queen Nemi

    Literally yesterday i was thinking about buying a new wii U that way we could buy fun games for cheaper prices and not have to die of boredom in quarantine. and at movie trading co they're like 10$ each even games you could get on the switch like splatoon or bayonetta :3 and now i REALLY want a wii u again

  6. Hibama Lol

    The Wii U is a lot more better than this I recently Homebrewed my Wii U in which I could play all of those games for free and games that u can’t get in the eshop and u could get other games in other consoles including games from the PS1 AND PSP so I highly recommend you homebrewing it if u want full potential

  7. CM W

    Anyone in the know knows why BrainAge is the number one selling DS game on the shop #modscene

    Only reason why I have a Wiiu and I love it. I have over 80 GameCube games installed and all play in HD on tv and standard resolution on game pad.

  8. Ryan Kelly

    I still use my Wii U on a near daily basis due to my need for Wii Fit U. I need to keep track of my weight for health reasons and Wii Fit U is a great way to do that. It also has some added benefits especially if you use the Fit Meter. As far as games go I have a good collection built up and since it plays Wii games that gives me another reason to keep it hooked up. If it only played GameCube games then my original Wii would effectively be useless.

  9. SilverSecure

    Wiiu is a great console I never knew it was this underrated! The Wiiu game pad is a great controller the games are awesome the eshop is awesome and it has virtual console for nes snes n64 gba and even Ds I actully am gonna buy a snes virtual console game today! It’s way better then the wii wanna know why? Of course you do they literally have a wii menu with basically a entire wii inside its so amazing since I love wii games so much too! I highly recommend this console!

  10. andrew t

    Your door has a latch handle. Apparently the doorknob is a fairly recent invention. Betty White is actually older than commercially sliced bread. That’s weird.
    Also, yeah, the WiiU is kickass.

  11. G B

    The Wii U games are better than Switch exclusives. I think that the last great games of Nintendo are the Wii U ones. Mario and Kirby are not so good on Switch, and the other games on Switch are Wii U porting…they are great games, buy they are Wii U games.

  12. adam ford

    It still is the only way to play split screen Call of Duty Black ops 2 without another console connected to another screen. The online is still free! It has Earthbound!!! The Wii U has normal size analog controls that fit your hands and don’t suck!!!!!

  13. Kroxis !

    a question, can i still buy the fatal frame games in the wii u online store? and what games are in the store? from what i have managed to look, is only the fatal frame 2 and the newest in the series?

  14. James Allatt

    Wiiu for me was the best console of this generation. I sold mine and got a switch and same with xbox one to get an x. Due to having a little one and general life I sold them both and went to pc as feel this is best to fit me at the moment in time. With that said I still gamed more this gen on the wiiu than the switch or xbox

  15. PattypooSirGuy7

    i will cry when the wii u eshop closes down. the wii shop channel got closed down so it's possibly inevitable that the wii u and 3ds eshop will cease to exist someday, too. then we'll be left with the switch's eshop which is so bare bones to browse thru with how it displays games…

    sigh i love the nintendo switch.

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