Why You Should NOT Buy an Electric Car

Me and Eli Burton of My Tesla Adventure talk about those unfortunate cases when you should not buy, but rather wait, an electric car like Tesla.

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35 Replies to “Why You Should NOT Buy an Electric Car”

  1. mike c

    I'm hoping the Tesla pickup truck gets 500 miles in the winter. For my work that's going to be my entry point. Also, if I'm going to spend $100,000 on a truck they better be built to last at least 500,000 miles without any major problems.

  2. Brian Joslyn

    Compared to the cost of buying a(n) "electric" vehicle, it doesn't cost much to get prepared to be able to charge at home.

    Apartments, and any similar type residence(s), can still charge at home. Most especially if there are outdoor plugs available. They may need to inform their landlord they have an EV and would be charging on property or, and this would be better, inform landlord before ordering/purchasing an EV. Beyond this, depending on the type of building, landlords can be informed of home/destination chargers that can be installed at such locations as apartment buildings.

    Those "Electrify America" chargers, as lame as they are, most definitely are not everywhere. At least currently, I wouldn't use them if I was paid to – unless I absolutely had to – and even then would try to figure out how long I need to charge just to get to a Tesla supercharger, since at least currently, Tesla is the only EVs I'd ever own.

  3. James Bell

    What I need is a VERY CLOSE look at what is happening inside the battery world (technology wise) that is dealing with those of us that actually NEED VERY EXTREME pick up trucks in very extreme climates !!!

    I AM in the market for a new vehicle and I'm on board to being on the fore front of this new exciting environmental revolution at its grass roots. I don't know how much of this movement I ACTUALLY buy into… I'm trying to listen to all the sides, I just feel like everyone seems to have an agenda … (I want to believe)and reluctantly, I see the value … common-sense-icably … ??? My wife and I both drive Pickup trucks. My wife is happy with her little Eco Diesel and that's, well, I guess OK for now but, LOOK … I drive a VERY LARGE, VERY THIRSTY truck. I NEED my truck, but shes killing me, shes killing my kids, shes killing your kids … RIGHT ?!?!?!? I live in Northern Canada, the main industry is Oil and Gas, and it seems like we spend more time annually below -30 Celsius then we do above freezing. OK, I buy an Electric Pick Up Truck I think I might be setting myself up as a social pariah. ( LMFAO THAT PART I could care less about … ) What I need is a VERY CLOSE look at what is happening inside the battery world (technology wise) that is dealing with those of us that actually NEED VERY EXTREME pick up trucks in very extreme climates !!! This is how we feed our families and kill them in the same breath … catch 22 … rock and a hard place. Am I ready for an OVER THE TOP EV PICK UP TRUCK ??? ( IM SO READY !!!!) But more important, is the technology ready for us …??? It's time to replace my BEAST soon … shes done well for me … This next vehicle needs to be part of a BIGGER solution !!! This video has prompted me to ask some REALLY hard questions !!! Thank you for your channel, I feel I'm smarter for it !!! Would you be willing to do an IN DEPTH on EXTREME pickup trucks and where this industry is now and where its going potentially ??? Especially where it comes to extreme climates!!!

  4. Xouki Long

    im digging the bolt too. and the kona-ev.. im not rich, middle class. if i work close to home. i wouldnt buy a tesla. since i spend 300+ a month on gas anyways. and in the market for a new vehicle. it makes more sense to buy an sr+ over an accord/camry.

  5. Andrew Hart

    So essentially you are in favour of polluting the planet for the sake of a little inconvenience that you might avoid. Not really a very good evangelist for a sustainable future are you.

  6. WorldDweller

    Home charging is the answer. That's the bottom line. DC fast charging stations are always being occupied by Uber and Lyft drivers. Not faulting them, but you can clearly see how inconvenient that would be. Unless you like hanging around to wait your turn.

  7. James Shanks

    Why would I want to wait? Not enough charging infrastructure? Have you ever looked at what is available out there other than Tesla superchargers? There is plenty of infrastructure and more coming online every week.
    Range anxiety and I live in an apartment with no charging? Talk to your landlord, sit him down and inform him having EV chargers enhance his complex and make it more attractive by being forward looking and tech savvy. In a perfect world every parking space would have charging equipment.
    Did Henry ford wait for gasoline production to have gas stations when he started model T production? No he didn't, the first owners had to buy gasoline from the apothecary store, I.E.: drug stores. Oil companies as automobiles started growing finally started building small gas stations with glass pumps with gravity feed. Henry Ford produced over 18 million model T's before he shut Down production to switch to the model A.

    Instead of pushing hybrids why don't you guys simply setup in a parking lot, give out informational fliers that tell the truth for EV's. People need to understand why the cars are expensive to buy compared to a gas or diesel car but the operating expense is right around 2 cents a mile for a Tesla model 3 long range, even the standard range of 220 miles in a urban environment is more than sufficient.

    A gas car has over 4000 moving parts.

    A Tesla any model S, X or model 3 has a total of 18 moving parts. The power train and battery on a model S or X are carry a factory warranty of 8 years unlimited miles for the powertrain and the battery. Model 3? 8 years on the power train and 100,000 miles on the battery.

    Fact when you recharge at a Tesla supercharger with a model three you have to pay for the power, electricity. Generally from 15 miles of range left to 300 miles of range you don't pay cash. Tesla charges your account from your credit card and the above charge in New Hampshire? $9.31. I drove over a weekend after my neighbor loaned me his model 3 from Derry, NH to Fort Kent, Maine, round trip was 968 miles. Total cost was $28.79. For the entire trip, the last time I did that trip was in a Volkswagen bug and with cheap gas back the cost me over $49.00 ! Now add in no oil changes oh ok Tesla does require an oil change at 500,000 miles. That's right I didn't misstype it, half a million miles before requiring an oil change not on the motor but the single speed gearbox. No timing belts, no spark plugs, everything you see on an engine when you lift the hood isn't there! What is there is a second trunk for cargo because the car was designed from the get go as an electric car. Tesla estimates the battery is good for between 25 and 30 years and still able to maintain a 70 percent battery charge.

    Now imagine not having to raise your voice to be heard while traveling at normal highway speeds, yes they are that quiet. Your battery will lose about 5 percent after a year then maintain that battery level for several years before any further battery degradation is seen. I.E. the battery needing replacement every two years as The top gear Tv show stated are false, outright lies.

    I highly recommend you make an appointment to take a Tesla for a test drive and be prepared to have your sox blown off, completely. Most Tesla owners when they took a Tesla for a road test said it changed their minds within the first 2 miles as it is a totally different driving experience than you have ever had.

    Try one on for size, what ya got to lose? Except a lot of preset in your mind " I know it's electric, it's not going to change my mind" was what I heard from a friend I convinced to test drive a model 3. He cut short the test drive to go back to the store and buy one .

    Want to increase EV chargers in your neighborhood? Get the town/city to upgrade the street lights to LED which use 90 percent less power than a high pressure sodium build then they simply install an outlet on each light pole. The EV owner had to supply his own cord to plug into the light pole socket then their car to charge up. A simple and easy way for the city to save money on electricity and provide more EV charging locations.
    No chargers at your apartment complex? Mention this alternative to the landlord and he saves a bundle and provides EV charging all over the parking lot/garage. Every EV owner simply adds a $5 bill to their rent every month.


  8. weldorman

    Aside from certified mechanics, I wonder how many people who say they don't know enough about electric cars actually have a clue how to fix the car they're currently driving?

  9. Zoltán Kiss

    Electric car <> Battery car
    battery car is a dead end, electric car can have future.
    I think a small battery is enough and paralell a hydrogen or methanol engine should be included.
    100% battery car is an environmental waste, and too expensive with lot of limits.

  10. Frank E

    Good show….

    I can only agree:
    If you live in a condo, apartment, street park or other situation where you can't charge at home. Charging at work is not possible

    Another situation:
    public transportation can meet your needs. ie eletric train

    Increase ev sales: Stop focusing on Tesla.

  11. actionitem1

    I do have a couple of complaints about this video. First, your opening comments that 'perhaps you don't have the infrastructure' to charge an electric car I thought were a poor description of what's needed – ie a simple standard 110 volt outlet. I realize that people who live in apartments may not have access to an outlet, but your description makes it sound as though charging equipment needs to be installed, even for those of us with garages and also for those who live in an apartment but may have access to a run-of-the-mill outlet. I leased my first Nissan Leaf in 2016 and simply drove it home and plugged it in my 1971 installed electrical outlet in the garage. It took me literally 30 seconds to plug in once every couple days on my way into the house after work. Now I have a leased 2019 Hyundai Kona that gets 260 miles per charge. My mom has a 2016 Leaf and lives in a high-rise building with a carport. She was able to have a 110 outlet installed in her carport for a minimal fee ($115) that was easily and quickly installed by an electrician. Many people in the high-rise and use electrical outlets in their carports as well. Also, the property management of the parking structure at my job has recently installed 14 new charging stations in the parking structure, so I don't really even need to charge my car at home anymore. Most of the 14 stalls are usually occupied although there is always a stall available when I get to work or after lunch. You make it sound as though there are obstacles that either don't exist or that can be resolved with minimal cost and effort. I'm sorry but I can't help thinking you may be discouraging people from buying electric cars because you want them to enter the market when your sponsor Byton has electric vehicles available to buy. The electric car market is still very fragile and the current electric car makers can't survive on zero income for 18 months to two years while people hold off on buying them. Please don't put any more videos out discouraging people from buying electric cars.

  12. Bill Cichoke

    Good advice until you got to the 'ignorant about EVs' thing. That's not a problem, with how much EVs and global warmingists have been in the news in the last 15 years. Many have done the math–with FULL KNOWLEDGE–and found EVs wanting. To dismiss that, does your 'cause' no good. And to say EV adoption 'must' and 'will' take place, makes people like me a lot more likely to literally fight and resist ANY attempt to do so. It's either a choice, or it needs to go away.

    ICEVs weren't forced on the public. EVs have to live on their own merits, or fade away again. Anything else assures not only rancor and resentment and outright rebellion (witness the yellow vests in France), but a VERY bad taste in EVERYONE'S mouths. No one, including me, wants that.

  13. Phillip Probst

    Range is not an issue for me, I’d plug mine in in the garage overnight. Cost is the issue. Model 3 is still not “affordable”. Leaving aside thee fact that the $35k model is not yet really available, $35k is still not “affordable” … $25k is the “affordable” price point. There is also depreciation to consider. So, for me, pre-owned is the plan. Got a year or two left in my Mazda 6, and by that time Y’s will be rolling out and 3’s should be available pre-owned. So, yeah … “not yet” … but soon.

  14. Jason Bertels

    Currently driving a gas car, but I often take Envoy and Gig when I run errands around town. It's a little more expensive than gasoline would cost, but it's worth it to me for the feel-good factor of minimizing the pollution in causing on those trips. Both systems have really fun cars to drive.

  15. Rajkiran Natarajan

    1. Won’t tow a trailer for my quad and dirt bike to get to a trailhead
    2. Tesla service station is nowhere here most parts of Canada. Minor accident on a Tesla would leave it useless for a month while it gets serviced.
    3. Range tanks when temperature drops to -10 celsius and it stays that cold for 2 months.
    4. Execution of luxury in EVs is currently ? compared to Lexus or BMW. etron and ipace are good but not suited to towing.

    Forget these tiny brands like Byton. By the time ev’s become mainstream the legacy makers will have dominated the ev market

  16. Boss Man

    I just got delivery of my Hyundai Kona. I am very happy with this car but the best is giving people rides and tell them how little it cost to drive it.I would not wait any longer. They have the range and they are affordable for the middle class. Cheers.

  17. Zahari Stoyanov

    1. Can't afford it yet.
    2. The infrastructure in Bulgaria is yet to grow to the point where road trips would be doable.

    Other than that I had the opportunity to test 4 electric cars not long ago and I definitely liked them 🙂

  18. Glen Reidy

    Teslas are too expensive for me (especially here in the Uk). Looking at a Zoe for most journeys (got to test drive one at fully charged live) but having to take drums and a small pa around on the weekends, sometimes over 100 miles in the winter, there doesn’t seem to be any multi purpose evs at a price I could afford. ?

  19. Reef Club

    Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, have a seat and take a deep breath. Let the market work this out. Companies will respond to what people want. How many times have you been asked about your EV? For me, all the time. Young people want one; older drivers know they will own one someday. Transition to BEVs is coming: they are safer, faster, technology cool, and environmentally friendly. Enjoy your drink!

  20. Steven Barrett

    Probably buying now will mean taking a hit when selling in a few years as by then 300 to 500 mile range will be the norm. We have a 180mi Renault Zoe bought as our run around it will never be our main car due to range, that will be a used Tesla or hang on until the BYTON and other new EVs arrive in 2020/2021.

  21. martinjan dijkstra

    Too expensive for me at this point. Also no charging at my work and I have no private parking place. In my country they first build homes and then the roads. And now they first want EV vehicles on the road and then build the charging structure. Thats asking for problems.
    I bought a hybrid, 40% thermal efficiency. I wait till EVs are more affordable and proven their reliability.

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