Why You Should Mod Your Super NES Classic Edition (SNES Mini Hack)

The SNES Classic has more quality over quantity as far as games go, but there is still the principal of the matter that Nintendo is charging more and giving us less(besides an extra controller) and although $80 dollars is more than worth the price, I’m still going to mod it and so should you!

I’m not condoning pirating Super Nintendo games onto your SNES Classic. Modding is illegal. The characters in this video are fictional and the dialogue is for entertainment purposes. FUgameCrue doesn’t actually condone these unlawful activities 😉

But you totally should mod it!

The above line was also fictional and for entertainment purposes. This line is of a real person who doesn’t condone playing copy written roms.

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46 Replies to “Why You Should Mod Your Super NES Classic Edition (SNES Mini Hack)”

  1. D D

    Shadowrun was the one that broke me. I had craved playing the original for 2 decades and this unit with the "updated software" option is soothing them cravings sooooo weelllllllllllll ^_^

  2. Crank Muhshaft

    Found a rompack that had 3500 games on it. After getting rid of all the games I can't understand, duplicates, tests and demos, I had 770 games. The console can safely fit about 150 games including box art without needing to worry about not having enough memory to save games. If you only add games that you legitimately might want to play, you'd probably be about to whittle that down to around 50 games. The program is easy to use and even with being technologically illiterate I didn't have any issues with it.

  3. Luis Mendoza

    I would get Super Mario All Stars,Megaman X2 and X3(the version with zero fully playable),Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3,Castlevania Dracula X,Kirby's Dreamland 3,Clock Tower,Megaman 7,and Super Back to the Future

  4. ハーレー黒澤

    i bought the nes mini instead. i was surprised by how happy i was playing it. it just felt right and fun. i used eta prime's video to install retro arch on it. now i can play arcade, sega genesis, super nintendo, turbografx, and gameboy advance games on it. all you need then is a $20 "my arcade super gamepad"; it's wireless and works with the nes and snes mini. 😀

  5. Lucas Nyman

    honestly seems like they made it as easy to mod as it is for a bigger chance for more sales. Like the one I bought came with nothing but a usb connection as if they were asking me to connect it to my pc. and so i did. I bought an emulator box and 2 controllers. more than worth it imo, i havent used it in like 2-3 months and still feels like a steal

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