Why you should INVEST in a MAVIC 2 PRO as a filmmaker


The DJI MAVIC 2 PRO is worth buying for with that 1 inch sensor improving the overall image quality! Quality of the video has been ruined by my new export settings and new screen 🙁 hope you enjoy! going to make more videos with it.

Equipment (all purchased from Amazon):

Sony a6300 –

Sony a6000 –

Sony a5100 –

DJI Mavic Air –

Ronin M –

Zhiyun Crane 2 –

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens –

Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 –

JOBY Gorillapod –


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33 Replies to “Why you should INVEST in a MAVIC 2 PRO as a filmmaker”

  1. Games by Wicked Nun

    LMAO, only if you're a retard! Honestly, such a poor image quality of the both drones. In 2018 in 4k video DJI still using upscaled 4k from the lower resolution, basically you got an old tech for the new price tag. No details, poor dr and so on. Good job GDI, marketing still owns people.

  2. Farhan Gani

    Can you tilt the camera while flying forward? And compare it to the mavic pro, cause one thing I noticed on my mavic is that when doing so the picture quality isn't really the same.
    And also compare the both mavic's in low light, for example during sunset?

  3. iSpike

    Liked & subbed first 10 seconds. Good on you Victor. sweet videon Pro Pro Pro everything is pro bro… lol I would choose MP-2 but staying with my MP-1 Ferrari Edition. Cheers Spike Western Australia

  4. Nigel Smith

    Dunno whats going on but unable to watch this video on ipad pro youtube app. Also via Google Chrome only the 360p is viewable, 720 gives ‘An error has occured’ message. Latest ios software and app so maybe something with h.265?

  5. L Backer

    I've just ordered the Mavic 2 Pro with a view to outputting the live feed to a vision mixer for outdoor live events, but realise to horror of horrors that there doesn't appear to be a facility to get a live HDMI feed out of the controller in the same way that there is on the Phantom 3. Putting the YouTube Livestream into an OB vision mixer is not an option either regards quality, stability and inherent streaming delay.

    Anyone know of a workaround (and one that doesn't include showing the on-screen display!) Advice appreciated.

  6. Magnus Persson

    Good video! Very intresting to hear what youtubers think about the new drone. Will get one of the models, haven´t decided yet which one. If you can achieve a decent DSLR type depth of field on the Pro (Hasselblad)? And also if that camera performs much better in lowlight (1" sensor and all). It kind of leaning towards the Pro-model. But on the other hand that optical zoom is mesmerizing. The argument is what type of videos will I be making (outdoor adventure), what format do I upload in (1080p)…Maybe just film in 4K and zoom in post and get great lowlight performance with it. IDK Anyways great video and thumbs up from Sweden

  7. Dusan Simonovic

    Nice video. Just ordered new Mavic 2 PRO as well. What's your recommendation on how to properly expose the D-LOG? Do you use any LUT's/presets for grading or just the lumetri color in Peremiere? Thanks

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