Why we chose the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

This is the first of many videos to come about the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Now that we own one I will be able to put it to the test and bring you all sorts of information about the vehicle. If you have questions please just ask in the comments! I’d be happy to help out.

In this video I just break down why my wife and I chose to go with the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt.

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  1. Tech on Tesla

    I own a 2018 Chevy bowl premier the car is a great car good range but the seats suck very uncomfortable especially if you’re charging your car and you want to sit relax and wait for it to charge!!!😰

  2. vincej151

    Why would anyone buy a Bolt over a Model 3???? I would really like to know this. On the face of it, the Tesla is a substantially superior car, No??? A video would be good. Tks.

  3. MsPokey1234

    Love to see "WALMART" be the first to have about 6+ charge stations @ EVERY STORE in USA near front or side of store to buy say a 1 hour Charge! Walmart knows the Customer will have an hour+ to shop during the charge & we will know that if you go to Walmart to shop there here will be charge stations too!

  4. shan venable

    It was good to hear your take on the Volt. I have a 2017 Volt LT and it is best car I have ever owned. Great EV driving and 40mpg from the gas generator engine. My wife loves skipping the gas station visits, which average just once every two months for us. And with about 80% of our driving from battery power, did my first oil change after two years. It was a shame Chevy didn’t put the Voltec drive train in other vehicles. I’ll be keeping our Volt till the wheels come off.

  5. mosfet500

    Dave, I totally understand. I came from 911 Porsches and being a gear head to falling in love with the Bolt. I'm on my second one just turned my lease in on my 2017 for a 2020 fully loaded. Great car!

  6. Stephen Zerfas

    Curious how you compare your Bolt to your Volt. I have a '17 Volt that I love but with the rebates out there I am seriously considering a Bolt especially with the 20 having more range. I test drove a Bolt. To me it felt quicker then my Volt but did felt less confident in the corners I suspect given its higher shape. The part of the car that gave me the most pause was the trunk capacity. Specs say it has more space in the back then my Volt but it does not look like it. The one other interesting piece I noticed was how narrow the interior was, looked like with ease I could reach the passenger door. Enjoy your Bolt, thanks for the video.

  7. Plug and Play EV

    Love the Kinetic Blue. That was our first choice color but the dealer here in Boston only had Summit White and we couldn't wait to get in one back in 2017!

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the updated 2020 model when you get a chance to spend some time with one.


    Really would like to own an ev but man o' man i just cannot justify 30-40-almost 50k for a vehicle. Not just ev's tho, i tested a 2018 yukon denali & that house on wheels as is was like 60k out the door. I currently have a single owner 2001 yukon xl slt with 145k miles (when i bought it) for less than the cost of a set of new really good tires & i absolutely love this vehicle with the exception of 13mpg's 🤔. Point being i just cannot bring myself to spend town house money on the most quickly depreciating commodity that Americans will ever own 😔.

  9. Phil Easler

    Totally agree. I test drove a M3, seats too low, wanted to lease it and maybe buy afterwards, and liked a hatch over a trunk. Went with a Leaf e+, love it, got the heat pump and pro pilot.

  10. Martin Waterhouse

    Loved the video, many thanks for posting. I replaced my leased 2014 BMW i3 a year and a half ago for a 2018 Red Bolt Premiere and its been a really great car though we didn't really push the range until we took an I5 run from the SF Bay area to LA last weekend (see below). We enjoyed driving the Bolt so much that this summer my wife decided to sell her ICE car and see if we could survive as a one-car all-electric household. That lasted a couple of days – I saw a 2013 Fiat 500e for only $5000 so we are now a one and a half car all-electric household 🙂

    Bolting down to Disneyland : https://wastedspacer.wordpress.com/

  11. TechFriendly Chris

    I have a '17 Bolt Premier. Love it. It's been a great car and I've had no problems with it. My disappointment isn't with the Bolt, but with Chevrolet, who over the last 3 years, hasn't upgraded the Bolt at all (other then the 10% increased battery capacity on the 2020 model) Image the improvements a company like Tesla has made to their vehicles in the same time frame.

    Additionally, Chevrolet hasn't made any other EV models… they just keep pumping out the same fossil fueled trucks and SUVs. As an ambassador for sustainable transportation, this isn't the message I want to send, and that will certainly impact my next vehicle purchase decision.

    But I'm glad you like your Bolt. It's a great car. Enjoy! More EV = Better.

  12. usaverageguy

    Welcome to the Bolt family. You will probably find it difficult to think of videos to create about the Bolt. It fits a normal lifestyle so well, you will forget, it is electric. Except when you drive past a gas station.

  13. Andrew Le

    I hear Chevy Bolt EV is a great EV, though not a fan of its style/body… very interested in seeing your road trip video to see how far you can go on a single charge in real-world driving…

  14. Adithya Ramachandran

    Nice, I'm planning to trade in my 2016 Malibu Hybrid for GM's All Electric Crossover in 2022. Hopefully, it comes with AWD and fast charging as standard features. I usually change cars every 100,000 miles, because after that repairs are too expensive. But with an EV, I don't have to worry as much about repairs. Right now, the Malibu Hybrid has 56K and is averaging 36 City and 50 Highway.

  15. Joel Martinez

    I test drove a bolt few weeks ago. As I was driving I couldn’t help noticed how it was kind of rocking side to side like being in a boat lol. Why does it do that?? I test drove a Prius as well and it did the same thing but not as much as the bolt did. Also the bolts air conditioner didn’t do a great job. It was 100 degrees outside and I turned the temp to 65 and it felt like it stayed like at 74 or something. I was still sweating during the test drive. Big fail!! In the Prius it was freezing!!! My glasses were fogged up when the test drive ended lol.

  16. Scott Kolaya

    We love our Bolt that we've had for 2 years now. We mostly drive on slower roads and get well over 300 miles per charge during nice weather. If it's over 80° we get about 330mi. We never drive in "D" anymore.

  17. Jeffrey Sirkin

    Great video, by why talk about tax credits for yourself when you leased it? I know you know the rules, but you may confuse folks as if you lease it you can't claim it, the lessor does…but you make great videos!

  18. Joe3545u

    Both the Chevy Volt and Bolt owner forum websites have voiced dissatisfaction with GM over how poorly electrification vehicles are promoted and marketed at both the corporate and dealer levels. The assumption especially where the Bolt is concerned is that dealers don't actively promote Bolts because they are not going to need near the service the ICE vehicle will need with oil changes and brakes every 30,000 miles. Most Volt owners from past experience stated that they knew more about the car than the sales staff at the Chevy dealer.

    In general it appears that most Chevy dealers only have 1 or 2 Bolts in inventory somewhere in the back of the lot. There usually are a couple of dealers with larger Bolt inventories which seam to sell the most Bolts as well. Same was true of Volts in the past. Do you see lack of dealer confidence or interest in selling electric vehicles especially with a legacy brand such as Chevy? Do the dealer service department fear the ultimate prominence of electric vehicles reducing their income stream?

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