Why the Model 3 Is Tesla’s Most Important Car Yet

Bloomberg Gadfly’s Liam Denning explains why Tesla needs the Model 3 to sell like crazy and crush the competition.

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20 Replies to “Why the Model 3 Is Tesla’s Most Important Car Yet”

  1. Chris Bates

    I think it would be great if Musk reached out to another manufacturer to step up production. Maybe Volkswagen. Anyway until Volvo and Audi start making full Evs or bmw stops making them look like autobots tesla wins.

  2. Steppenkater

    "And the more you have to spend to promote, market and jazz up the product. This uses up a lot of cash. And Tesla already burned a ton of it."
    This is plainly wrong. Tesla is well known for doing exactly the opposite: not burning cash for promoting, marketing and jazzing up.

  3. HugoBossUnzipped

    A vid about how Tesla is changing the global car market and this (I'll be kind) idiot says @1:25 Tesla has to change the global car market. Some people just really like the sound of their own voice, even when it's leaking drivel.

  4. skip19301

    In Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin my neighbors Dave and Sue have a summer home and their son works at the Tesla factory in CA.

    Sue owns a four door rear wheel drive with the larger kW battery pac. She took me for a ride and the performance was impressive. Nice car. Ought to be for $150,000.

    Q… When the temperature drops to 20 deg F. below zero does the chemical reaction happening within the battery suffer a reduction in 'miles per charge' at these temperatures?

    Batteries don't store a thing … it's a chemical reaction that occurs within the battery and requires far more 'energy in' than ever 'comes out' during recharge, there is no such thing as renewable energy as per Entropy.

    Everything looses energy without a constant input of heat, aka energy.

    And salt … Sturgeon Bay sprinkles salt on our roads like MacDonald's salts up french fries. How long before the electronics short out? And how does the aluminum body work hold up against electrolysis?

    Lastly we have a fellow at the Door County Cherryland Airport who bought a two door Tesla [rides like a go-cart] to drive between Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay and two years ago added a four door.

    Tesla would never had existed without an input of Federal Tax Money. "And that ain't right" stand or fall on your own merits.
    Profit is not a dirty word, it's how we get paid.

    I hope and wish that Ted Cruz will become the next president but I fear that Trump will win. No progressive-Liberal-Democrats need apply. No Clintons and no Bush's.

    Thanks for your efforts in building a small number of electric cars that will sell well but not as well as fossil fueled cars …
    Every hour of every day, 24-7~ 2,500 vehicles an hour are produced World Wide.

    When an alternative fuel is developed there will still be fossil fuel in the ground, unloved and unwanted.


  5. lockbert99

    The fans of Tesla put an awful lot of stock in the fact that Tesla has a network of fast chargers. As if competitors couldn't build a similar network in the short amount of time that Tesla did.

    Tesla has done an incredible job as it is extremely difficult to get into the car business. But they are going to be facing some tremendous competition from much larger companies with a lot of experience in the auto manufacturing business.

  6. Uhmu

    One way to look at is indeed that tesla lacks a massive revenue stream from ice car sales but there is a flip side to that coin, unlike tesla, their competition will soon have a massive legacy clusterfuck at their hands.

  7. DJPelio

    There is one MAJOR difference between Tesla and every other electric car on the market.

    Tesla's cars don't look like hideous mutants!!!

    Teslas are actually desirable.

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