Why The Car of The Future is an Autonomous Electric Car

The electric car has been around for longer than you might think. However mainstream acceptance remains questionable. The electric car of the future is going to be fully autonomous.The electric car or EV for short, meaning electric vehicle is also expected to meet global goals for climate change. while no greenhouse gas emissions directly come from EVs, they run on electricity that is, in large part, still produced from fossil fuels in many parts of the world. Although Tesla for example is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. There are many benefits that could be achieved with the development of autonomous cars or as they are often referred, self driving cars. Although we’ve seen a delay of mainstream adoption of electric cars, it is quite clear the car of the future
is going to be a fully autonomous self-driving electric vehicle. Watch the video to learn more about electric cars and why the car of the future is going to be an auotnomous electric car.

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Waymo Self driving car:






Automated vehicles

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27 Replies to “Why The Car of The Future is an Autonomous Electric Car”

  1. Roady Road

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  2. Wirane Alves

    I can't wait for that day to come. I want to be able to go to Timmins, Ontario. I Need a car to take me there since I cannot Drive in all conditions. Do you think that will be possible and I can get there intact? I hope so. I'm dreaming about .

  3. Rashid Mostafa

    I would love not to be behind a steering wheel. I would be very very happy if no one was driving and we had 100% autonomous vehicles, including planes. A no brainer. Safer, cheaper, better in every way. No logical reason for humans to drive.

    Anti-autonomous people are like anti-science people. All slogans and no reason. The only thing that will persuade them to see sense is the insurance premiums.

  4. GameWithAdam

    Whenever I hear him say the word "autonomous" I just can't help but think of autonomous ultra instinct cars trying to dodge all the shit drivers and having the ultra instinct theme play in the background.

  5. Rod Anderson

    The Audi featured in the movie "i-Robot" is probably close to what we'll see. If you insisted on manually driving the car you pressed an icon and a steering wheel extended from its normal place integrated into the dashboard.

  6. MisterNarrador

    nope, Electric cars are not the future, Electricity is already very expensive. can you imagine trying to charge those cars, right now it would be OK. but if everybody switches to electricity, your monthly bill would be above $900. hope they come up with different energy source. electricity is not the future.

  7. S3nt1n3l

    I wouldn't want to give up my driving as I enjoy it too much so you can keep your automation 🙂
    I do want to move to an Electric Vehicle though, the hurdles for me are, price of the vehicle and the fact that most car manufacturers have forgotten how to design a good looking car…they seem to be determined to keep people in the combustion cars, by making EV cars that are just ugly as sin…

  8. Jackson Brown

    How will the current electrical grid be improved to hand the increase in demand? When will the electrical companies become the new oil company and have a monopoly on electricity?
    Then we’ll have to dump more money buy solar and other free charging to keep our cars running.

  9. Victor Montivero

    Level 5 will allow manufacters to actually change the desing of a car, you won't need a steering wheel, you could make front and back seat face each other and even have a table or something in the middle, level 5 is what will change the industry.
    Also public transportation could benefit a lot whit new designs and better routes optimization.

  10. m Cave

    People if you haven't bought Tesla stock you need to in 10 years the majority of vehicles will be electric and Tesla will be at the forefront not just cars but lots of different stuff.

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