Why Samsung lets Huawei win

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Samsung’s phone sales are dropping. But I think this is all part of a greater plan by Samsung (The Story Behind – Ep. 38)


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44 Replies to “Why Samsung lets Huawei win”

  1. Costas Georgiou

    The s10 is faaaaar better then its predecessor. I feel you on the other stuff Samsung is doin. But the innovation and tech in the new mobile I disagree with you. Cool video how about the fold it was the first one?!

  2. jung han

    Huawei steals other companies technology with spies. For example the Samsung fold and the huawei mate x. The mate x came out like 4 days after the Samsung fold was shown. I WONDER HOW πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. Troy Mccane

    A very entertaining analysis. If it only was true. Apple and Samsung's mobile divisions are something I would compare with IBM or General Motors. Years of huge profits on mobile phones, loads of easy money. A simple device like a cell phone that sells in dozens of millions, worth couple hundred dollars selling for up to $1000 now. Manufacturing model? No factories, little to no R&D. All those chips in Iphones? They give specs to the third manufacturer of ARM chips who happily regurgitates them in prices per ton and once they put it into their phones, voila! We apple, we the innovators! Since Samsung and Apple do not manufacture/assemble their phones, they pay money to third manufacturers who also, like Samsung and Apple, want to profit as much as they can. They do not offer the lowest price they can, they offer the price that can still give them a contract with Samsung or Apple. Over time they became the latest big cows, like IBM and General Motors. Chinese manufacturers on the other side, either make their product or, with the help of the government, negotiate lower prices for components they do not make from other Chinese manufacturers. Also, it is so easy to offer the same product for much less when phones whose manufacture costs less than $200 sell for $900. Samsung is not moving away from cell phone market, Samsung is being overrun by the Chinese. In order to stay competitive, Samsung would have to built its own factories and try to do the same Chinese do with everything else. Margins? Still lower than today. Competition? As deadly or deadlier than today, both with pricing and innovation. It won't take long before we hear talk like "do you remember when Apple and Samsung sold phones?" I am very interested to see if Samsung, Sony and others will take the bait and move the semiconductor business to China only to find themselves losing the market share from Chinese manufacturers 5-10 years down the road as it happened with their mobile phones.

  4. Prince Bongcawil

    Based on the what Samsung's doing right now, I think they are not letting any OEM win as their Semiconductor division is declining too, they need to stay up with their game as much as they can.

  5. Drake Park

    Korean feel so disgusted when they get involved or compared with chinese. chinese cant do nothing but stealing or copying hawei is a typical chinese company that has grown from hacking and stealing other companies tech including samsung. basically you have no idea how much china is copying Korea without shame and guilt in many categories lol they are nothing but cockcroaches who have inferiority complex towards Korean. so much for inferiors who have always been conquered massacred and raped through history by northern superiors chinese have had many masters so far

  6. Yys Yssyss

    *** Excellent by you to have texted too, that is very good and generous, even if you NOT have a bad voice or pronounciation *****. There is people who not have 100% hearing, so good way to think about them too. ###And specially for those who talk like if they were eating at the same time###.

  7. Don DoDat

    You need to adapt or you will be out. Ex :Nokia , you know what I mean ?
    Apple looks like the next Nokia out. Apple has no innovations , and now is getting in the areas that have no business getting into. Huawei will teach apple a good lesson.

  8. Mathieu Yelle

    I don't have earphones so can't listen to this on bus….but, my take is Samsung is unable to compete with cheap Chinese labour in a massive economy of driven committed workers. Especially not when Huawei gets subsidized. So they are opting to control the technologies those manufacturers rely on while offering their own premium flagships for those with more money to spend. So far they dominate display tech, battery tech (incorporating graphene), flash memory tech, and are even gunning for chipset with Exynos

  9. wildrealms

    I knew that Huawei will pull-down Samsung in the near future πŸ™‚ and it's happening now πŸ™‚ and Samsung prepared their excuses… the question is… who will pull-down Huawei later on???

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