Why Pay More? The $30 Xbox Controller

The new cheap Xbox One Controller from PowerA- the Enhanced Wired Controller. How does it compare to the other option out there?

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23 Replies to “Why Pay More? The $30 Xbox Controller”

  1. Jae

    Just bought one for 15 dollars. Is it worth it? Only will be using it for a little bit until I have enough money for an official one. Need a better d pad for mk11 since my fight pad don't work for it on pc.

  2. Joe Mott

    My son has one of those Power A controller’s ( he has had quite a few different 3rd party controllers) and I gotta say after a quick play with it, it’s probably one of the best ones he has had.

  3. big k 101

    Bruh the danm joysticks are slightly smaller than the regular so my controllfreaks dont fit and iv sent like 40 buying all types of control freaks ones for ps4 xbox all of em

  4. Sparta Batallion

    The PDP wired xbox one controller is actually better than Microsoft's. I've had mine for a year and it still works fine with heavyyyy use. My wireless xbox one controller has so many issues after a year. The left stick is traveling, the right d pad arrow isn't working.

  5. roshun eppenger

    I bought the powera controller for the remapable bottom buttons. That worked great and is great for shooters. However 2mo after purchase, 1 month just sitting on the couch, the left thumbstick is triggering the right thumbstick. In browser or in game, if I press up on left thumbstick it registers left on the right thumbstick. Pressing down on left thumbstick registers as right on right thumbstick.
    So in edge I'll consistently change tabs or in a game I'll walk in a circle.

  6. Omar. Cool

    Thank you for doing this because my Xbox controller is broken and I have a other one but that one is broken to then I am going to buy a new one bye and thank you bye 👋

  7. Adularks

    what do you mean by roughness of the controller, like soft? or it is “hard”. i owned a hyperkin retro style controller and the right trigger wouldn’t go down all the way before it became SUPER soft

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