Why OPPO and OnePlus have merged

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This week, OPPO and OnePlus announced a merger, Intel wanted to buy SiFive for its RISC-V chips and we got our first glimpse of Windows 11 through a leaked build.

Episode 51

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0:33 Release Monitor
1:38 OPPO x OnePlus
3:49 Intel x SiFive
5:27 Windows 11

25 Replies to “Why OPPO and OnePlus have merged”

  1. Dear Angel

    One plus: "Only Chinese brand that managed to successfully enter the US market so far, in a meaningful way". I thought Huawei, as Chinese brand, was the one which was way more significant in the US' the market share before the ban. No?

  2. László B

    Still dont get it why the merge happens and will we get oppo and oneplus phones separately? I hope cuz i would buy a oneplus 9 or 10 pro after a 1plus 7 pro but not likely to buy an oppo or realme

  3. aswin ajay

    One of the biggest reasons for me to always look towards opting for a Oneplus phone is the oxygen OS and its stock-ish OS. Now Oneplus phones have become expensive versions of Oppo phones.

  4. Next Wing

    This man is totally biased in favour of western tech industries… Beware of this spoiler. We all should agree, despite the differences, China has brought about a revolutionary change in the domain of smartphones. There was a time mobile phone was a thing for rich. Now you know, everybody has a chance.

  5. j2simpso

    Interesting to see a Korean and Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer merge like that. Would be curious to see what regulatory hurdles they have to go through

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