Why nobody wants your used Tesla Model 3

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Today we talk about how to NOT get scammed or ripped off when buying a used Tesla Model 3!

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46 Replies to “Why nobody wants your used Tesla Model 3”

  1. Adrian Gabriel Gramada

    I have a TRUE FULLY MODULAR BATTERY PACK DESIGN that IS NOT BASED ON THE 4680 CELL and yet CAN DELIVER MUCH HIGHER MANUFACTURING SPEEDS / YIELDS by removing manufacturing steps, not propose some new ones or any new tech / science. Please help me reach Elon / Tesla 🙂 !!!


    I knew this would happen because the technology started at such a useless level, but was evolving way too fast. The better the batteries and charging systems get, the less your Tesla will be worth.

  3. Robert Smith

    There is, you know, a way to avoid this sort of ripoff. Filter by lowest price first. In my recent search, the cheapest Model 3 Performance was just under $43K. It was a TrueCar ad, so you don't know who you're dealing with upfront, but there you go. I could also get a Long Range Model 3 for $45K without leaving the area I live in, as our local Audi dealer has one. Considering that it wasn't the only Model 3 for sale through an Audi dealer, the question becomes a matter of who's trading their Tesla for an Audi?

    You have to be a bit dense to buy the cars he showed ads for when you can do better with a bit of digging.

    Also, with boxes checked on everything that can cost extra money, a Model 3 is getting pricey. Still cheap compared to a gasoline powered alternative (C63, M3, RS4), but 67K is getting up there.

    One point is that these cars don't depreciate like other cars do…

  4. Different Kind

    You don't like your car!!!.Are you going to own a car plant site to help the Earth!😠😠!.. Don't judge Tesla coz it's a only environment friendly car to the clean future our planet…..😠😠!!

  5. da ne

    I guess the comparison would be it you drop your laptop on its corner how long will it last? Hence the high insurance and not wanting to rebuild these and why Tesla wants to right them off for fear of chasing electrical gremlins that cost 5x more in labour then parts. But if you can test parts and have cheap over head you might be able to sell for profit if you can warranty parts and labour.

  6. The Gambia Tourism Forum

    ‘Can afford one’? Erm the cheapest model in the UK works out at about £38,000 in base spec and that’s not affordable for most. If you look at the cheapest Tesla for sale second hand on Auto Trader, it’s £28,000 and it is 6 years old with 122,000 miles on the clock. Rip off.

  7. John Kim

    TLDR: Used cars have barely any depreciation compared to used cars, or even more expensive sometimes. When used car price is so similar or above new car price, it's not worth.


    I see the new cars will force the used cars to depreciate pretty quick. This might be bad for the brand. It might put people off from buying a car that drops 50% value in 2 years.. welcome to owning a tesla…lol

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