Why is Toyota making hydrogen fuel-cell cars when plug-in electric vehicles are so popular

Large auto manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are expanding outside garden variety hybrids and battery electric vehicles and selling hydrogen fuel cells cars in California. Trouble is there’s only about 45 stations in the entire state. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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21 Replies to “Why is Toyota making hydrogen fuel-cell cars when plug-in electric vehicles are so popular”

  1. Nasser Nathan

    I believe Toyota may win this one unless EV's expand to third world countries and Africa where Toyota rules the land and in middle east plus Toyota has its reputation in making long lasting relaible cars if the expand this faster they may out compete electric

  2. Johnny Michael

    Toyota was one of the first to introduce electrification in 1997. They have the most hybrids out of all companies, yet they still refuse to build a fully electric car. Honda and Mazda share a bit of that philosophy, they have fully electric cars with Honda E and Mazda MX-30, but they have 35.5 KWh of energy, that's low and the range is short because they did some math, if an electric car has a battery pack larger than 35.5 KWh, it pollutes more than a petrol car. Toyota also knows this and they prefer plug-in hybrids and self-charging hybrids because it's better to have 50 km of electric range and a petrol engine to keep you going, rather than 200 km range without a petrol engine because it's fully electric. They are stubborn and will not build something fully electric until the CO2 must drop lower than 50 g/km or a value so low, that their hybrids can't achieve, so they will be forced to lower the fleet average value with battery electric or more hydrogen electric vehicles. I respect Toyota for not following the Tesla fanboyism, they don't want to catch Tesla like everyone else, they have a mind and a path of their own, that's why I think Toyota will be better in the long run and will rise above everyone else.

  3. D Gee

    people should just fix old cars and stop buying new ones anyway, what is environmentally friendly is just driving/maintaining your old car not making a new one .

  4. Songyao Cui

    It's very hard to overcome the petroleum barrier. Tesla use battery because we have to burn petroleum to produce electricity to feed the charger. While hydrogen fuel cell is completely independent from fossil fuel. If you burn hydrogen and oxygen instead of petroleum, well, it's all about politics.

  5. Phil Gray

    Did we need a clapping backtrack of music here or was that deliberate to get us clapping to this advertorial. I know, I can read the producers mind. "This is as boring as hell so, let's not listen to the people talking, let's listen to clapping instead."

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