Why I stopped Buying Huawei Smartphones



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49 Replies to “Why I stopped Buying Huawei Smartphones”

  1. BleachTeamTV

    My family is from south east asia, and I know for a fact that the Chinese government is way more dangerous than the US government. The chinese government does bully, like you said. They take over places, they spy, their government functions like a mob. They are responsible for communists taking over in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They are currently looking into Africa, they defend the actions of North Korea, and they are a constant threat do the Philippines, India, the middle east, and Thailand. I don't trust any government, but I would trust the Chinese the least. They have always been bullies. They constantly persecuted the Miao-Yao people, they forcefully took control of almost all of eastern asia, and once they had a communist revolution, they did the same thing. I have no doubt that the US spies on it's people, but I also think that the Chinese are more of a threat.

  2. ratatatuff

    I'd take Huawei over Apple any day. Still prefer Xiaomi, btw. I generally try to avoid US American products because they're usually low quality compared to others. And btw, you sound pretty childish. I mean, you say stuff like "I want to change the world blah blah blah", "China would put me in jail blah blah blah". It's ridiculous, you're full of shit.

  3. vnq

    Buy whatever phone you like. I just purchased a Xiaomi. So many things are made in china. Why just pick a phone to boycott? At that logic you should boycott about 80% of the products you own.

  4. Big Al

    I feel you Max but if you knew how deep thit SHOW really goes you would be quite. I'm no one and you have so much going for you ,l just felt that I had to say something. I dont know what is better communism or capitalism maybe neither, For now myself an agrarian society would work. MEXICAN MALE


    I was thinking the same, not just because of the recent news but the long history of communist china abuse of human rights. Righ currently doing ethnic cleansing of Uyghurs in Xinjiang of which 1 million are held in concentration camps. They did the same in Tibet, it's a complete surveillance state.

  6. God Halo

    I know ur Korean and want to support Samsung and US gov't, but stop talking abt the shit as u said u don't want to talk abt politic! US kill child and woman in Iraq and

    Afghanistan, and u tell me u believe US is justice???? What a shame on u, I would never watch ur channel anymore!

  7. Art Vadeley

    do you actually do you own research? US unilaterally exited agreement from Iran deal. You are saying it is not a coincidence Canadians arrest are not related to Huawei chiefs arrest. Bare in mind the arrest of Huawei CFO is in time right before China and US trade talks. Imagine China arrest Tim Cook on some fabricated ‘truth’. Canadian authority says it is not political, so do you think it is not coincidence? You claim you read news but you should think independently. Plus US’s history record on planting backdoors are not great. The whole fiasco about China (not Huawei ) inserting chip into motherboard are denied by both amazon and apple. You comment are racist, so is the US. You are basically saying Chinese people are lack of humanity and creativity. Dying your hair blond does not make yourself any bit white.

  8. Tekolicious

    Lots of Chinese companies are doing the same thing, they are putting back doors in security cameras, so that when you have them installed on to your network, they can get in. The US gov banned them for this. FACT!

  9. Bagelzend

    'Most of you won't read world news' = wild assumption, 'I can't prove this' repeated many times = wild assumption
    , constantly claims 'truth' yet makes wild accusations/assumptions

    This entire video is based on assumption with a brief arch over the basic story without proper due diligence or balanced perspective based on fact. The hypocrisy within your points are glaring and rather scary in all honesty, a blind faith and belief in your own government and their agenda despite Trumps blatent and flagrant lies and clear racism – seperating itself from Allies to push his 'MAGA' retoric for example. 'Human rights' – what about the humans rights of the children seperated from their parents at the boarders with those 'concentration camp' like camps, or the clear persecution and slander in terms of the Mexican people, inticing hatred and fear to further his retoric, what about their human rights? I've seen a post from you in a reply to someone saying 'open your eyes', and 'don't read fake news'. How hypicritcal, how arrogent do you need to be to sound like Fox news and a Donald Trump tweet all in one, yet still turn it around that the others need to wake up so to speak.

    If you wish to be an activist, or human rights supporter then look far closer to home and treat your own goverment as well as companies with the same contempt and regard as you are doing with the Chinese. I wonder if you'll look to the new Apple facetime 'Bug' that's been found with the same wild assumptions of 'spying and government interference/influence' as you suggest China has with Huawei, or look to the US government usage of other countries with lesser armies/finances to further their own agenda. What about the recent rumour regarding the Apple sweatshop controversy? Will you be boycotting Apple based on those human rights violations? The very least you could have done is say 'I understand companies and governments all around the world, do very similar things however at this stage I will address this as it's a 'current' issue surrounding tech' and try to remain somewhat balanced instead of peddling your own agenda and retoric as truth.

    Not many will get upset or annoyed by your opinions, however stating opinion as fact and truth with complete bias without looking deep into the meterial whilst making accusations and assumptions is not right and as you'll have read in the comments, people will lose respect for you, as have I.

  10. Larry N

    Max, you sound naive when discussing politics. What was Samsung doing giving millions to Park Geun-hye and her daughter. You were pretty quiet during that whole affair. Where are they now? Looking at 4 walls in a jail cell. Should we boycott Samsung? A company that fires women when they get pregnant? Yes they do. You've opened a Pandora's box here.

  11. samj

    US dropped sanctions on a Russian company that have been accused of some pretty serious stuff by US intelligence, the same intelligence that is accusing Huawei of fraud. The Russian company gets a pass, but not Huawei. Tell me these aren't political. Rule of law my ass.

  12. alfred Manning

    Why pick on Huawei? No company in China would dare to defy the Communist government or they would wind up in a Chinese jail cell and get a nice bullet in the head. Either you don't do business with China or do not pick on any one company. They all do the government bidding if asked!

  13. Mdnosliw

    Wonderful got a Nexus 6P for $650 from Google and thrown off work network for security issues. So now I should spend another$750 on a Pixel. Google needs to offer me some sort of rebate.

  14. Mendell Alvarado

    I feel like you made this video a little too prematurely. Should've waited after an official investigation and verdict was reached. Like you said in this video, you don't have evidence. Maybe you were worked up and just wanted to vent. I get it. Not a fan of this video, but I've always liked you and your down-to-earth style. Looking forward to more of those kinds of videos..

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