Why does Xiaomi limit its profits to 5%?

Why did Xiaomi pledge to keep their hardware profits below 5%? (The Story Behind Ep. 33).

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30 Replies to “Why does Xiaomi limit its profits to 5%?”

  1. Ef0UR8awwW2-xkWKuAzx1xKhxauCBVSpQbmXGFFqfn1w

    The first simplify Chinese mobile phone and laptop company we hear is LENOVO ( meaning of united thinking ) , the second is Huawei ( meaning of

    south of china make from ) , The Third one is ZTE ( Zhong Hang) meaning of northern china grow larger , The Forth one is TP-link ( meaning of simply

    connected ) , The Fifth one is mini gun ( meaning of little Rice)

    in 6:43 we thought the people republic of china map was colony in North korea and North Vietnam not in Republic of China ( Taiwan )

    however why kakazstian and nepal not part of People republic of china ?

    in 6:42 that why We prefer even buy a second hand Google pixel phone second generation or First Generation make ( united state of america branding )

    When will united state of America create <<American libery wall>> to block Wechat(Tencent) and alipay (Financial Ant) ?

    However We prefer Nokia inc or Bell Labs which is the oldest tech company and founder of internet , even <<National security of Agency>> or <<BND>Germany or <<Government communication headquarter United kingdom of Great britain>> still as not long as Bell labs oldest


  2. Kong

    xiaomi facebook then.
    facebook is down in rep.

    SOOOOO if xiaomi can get privacy done for their phone vs Chinese government then they will earn major points from everyone else.
    Xiao Mi = Xiao life then.

  3. luisivichin

    im using mi max 1. not really noticing ads. im using firefox with ublock then google aps. the cloud backup in xiaomi cloud is much better than google cloud. the os is very good second only to ios with cydia. you can disable almost all google aps without jailbreaking with the right aps.

  4. Miles Jr

    Xiaomi just desperatly wants to get in Samsung and Apple level. and Mi users really likes to brag. They are pretty annoying. And after watching this video I think Xiaomi's future is pretty dark

  5. TremereTT

    Freemium is allways about having 10% of the users paying while 90% avoid payment.
    Look at Spotify.
    Also PR might be difficult to grasp for tech enthusiasts, but marketing is easy to understand as it's about mechanics.
    Make shitty software = creating a market for support and coaching
    Make randomly failing laptops = creating a marked for financial services like apple care…
    Make Minecraft updates exclusive to XBOX = make everyone that loved minecraft hate you, nourishing the deamon that secretly powers your business.

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