Why Cuphead is on PlayStation 4

Of all the things to happen this week, we weren’t expecting Studio MDHR’s Cuphead to arrive, without warning, on the PlayStation 4. It turns out that Microsoft and Sony have been working behind the scenes for a while to get this deal to work.

But hang on – wasn’t Cuphead an Xbox exclusive? Didn’t the game only come to Switch as part of a big experiment from Microsoft?

Clearly, that paid off, as it seems that Microsoft is officially abandoning any kind of rivalry with Sony in favour of letting Xbox games release on the PlayStation.

Apparently, Microsoft’s Head of Games Phil Spencer now believes Google Stadia to be a bigger threat that the PS5.

Which…well, good job for picking your battles, Xbox. You stand a far better chance of beating the Stadia than the PS5. In the meantime, Maja Moldenhauer is eager to tell the world how thrilled Studio MDHR is to have Cuphead on PS4.

Apparently the indie dev family have been wanting this for a while. They’ve also been struggling due to working from home – not so much the challenge of remote working, but rather, balancing this with childcare concerns while their kids aren’t at school or in daycare.

As such, DLC The Delicious Last Course is still far from completion. But hey, it’s better that the Moldenhauers take their time. Some things are worth waiting for, and it’s good to know that this is one studio that values family time over crunch.

Stay safe!

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42 Replies to “Why Cuphead is on PlayStation 4”

  1. Cyulyk01

    See guys? Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are buddies! You don't need to fight over wich one is better! I bet Phill Spencer, Shaw Layden and Doug Bowser are having a nice little match of Raid: Shadow Legends as I write this comment.

  2. Neominous

    Working together😂😂? You mean when gamepass failed to make money put it on other platforms. Another video to support xbox anti consumer propaganda against Sony. Sell 100 of millions of consoles and make good games simple business model dont fail again and again and act as a good guy 😂😂😂

  3. TLOThompson

    Yes, it was ALL about xbox wanting to work together. Not because they made a bad exclusive deal and realized they could save or make more money. I pray these companies never work together. The rivalries and differences are what makes them great.

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