Why Buy? | 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Premier Review

Motor1 Senior Editor Jake Holmes puts Chevy’s Bolt EV Premier through the Why Buy? Battery to see if its battery range and relatively affordable price can make electric cars mainstream.
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As-tested price: $43,905

Range anxiety is one of the biggest reasons that many shoppers wouldn’t consider an affordable electric car. It’s the fear that, with only a few dozen miles of driving possible, you might run out of juice before you reach home and get stranded.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV, however, puts that argument on its face by offering an EPA driving range of 238 miles. That’s not the farthest range of any electric car – Tesla offers longer ranges – but the Bolt is far more affordable than any Model S or Model X variant.

The Bolt also has a spacious hatchback design, a good number of available features, and drives pretty much like an equivalent gasoline-powered car. So on paper, the Chevy Bolt EV looks like a serious contender in the electric-car space. But battery ratings and sticker prices don’t tell the whole story, so watch our latest Why Buy? video review to see whether the Bolt could be your next everyday commuter car.

Motor: Single Permanent Magnet Drive Motor
Output: 200 Horsepower / 266 Pound-Feet
EV Range: 238 Miles

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Host: Jake Holmes
Video Producer: James Bradbury

26 Replies to “Why Buy? | 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Premier Review”

  1. Thomas Hofstetter

    The bolt sold like crazy when released now GM stopped production because no one is buying them they are over priced and why not get the more practical volt. I would buy one at half of the asking price. A replacement battery is $15,678 if out of warranty. The people who bought them are selling them as soon as they can because they realize that they made a huge mistake. Jest google used Chevy bolt and you will see that I am telling the truth.

  2. Phil Atomic

    I own a Bolt. I bought it after it became clear to me that Tesla was pulling the carrot on the stick game a little too far with the Model 3. I came from a Camry Hybrid which was a solid 40mpg offering. To put it simply, after 25,000 miles of trouble free driving in 8 months, this is without a doubt the most perfect commuter vehicle I have ever owned. The operation cost are absurdly low. Free charging at work makes the operational costs down right laughable. Battery degredation…none yet. Fit and finish…the same as when I drove it off the lot. No rattles. Frankly, it has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. The car is well appointed and heavy on tech. It does most of the things a Tesla Model 3 can do without the crazy pricing. It just does it differently. Do I need autopilot? No. Do I need a bigger battery for an extra $9000 a la Tesla? No. It is serviceable at most local dealers. Its a car you can easily live with day to day because of its practicality. The hatchback is the way to go. There is way, way more room inside than my old Camry which is really hard to believe from the outside. Its fast and its green. No, its not flashy. And that is really the point. It is an everymans electric car that really works. It goes as far as it says it does. Plug it in at night and its ready the next morning. No range anxiety. No fuss. While i am not a GM fanboy because I really don't think much of most of thier cars, this one is different. It is probably the most important and significant vehicle GM has produced since the introduction of the Volt. Don't believe all the fake news…that because its not a Tesla…blah, blah, blah. The facts are that it is every bit as good if not better. As far as the charging network goes, its different than the Tesla system. Is it as good? No. But with apps like Plugshare, Chargepoint and Evgo its alot closer than you think. Frankly, within 2 hours drive from home, it is a non issue. I didn't buy it to drive across the country..I drive it to work which is 95% of what everyone else would be doing with it. The other 5%, I can rent a car or better yet, fly there with all the money I saved. Total cost to buy after Chevy rebates and tax credit…$28,000. Less than a well appointed mid level Camry. Tesla base Model 3 at $35,000…still waiting and if and when it arrives, the tax credit will be gone. If you have lots of money to blow, a big ego and plenty of patience, the the Tesla is for you. However the smart money is on the Bolt.

  3. djhvideo

    Quote "The biggest working thing against the Bolt is the fact that it doesn't have a Tesla badge". Try having a Tesla out of warranty. Teslas have to be repaired by Tesla and parts etc are very expensive. I would rather have a five year old Bolt than a five year old Tesla.

  4. John Smith

    At best the vehicle is worth around 10,000 dollars, not 35,000 plus for what it does when compared to an equally sized gas model. I have a 2015 Corolla I bought new for around 16,000 out the door. I have an average of around 50MPG since new and do not have to sit and wait for hours for a fill up. I have driven from Texas to Ohio starting with a full tank on a one stop fill-up and the distance is around 1000 miles. Try that in an EV. So again the EV is WAY over priced and WAY to inconvenient. I am not against them if they get these bugs worked out, but for now they are a two thumbs down.

  5. Andrea Summers

    Owning a Bolt in a cold climate: I live in Ottawa, Canada and am a community nurse. I drive between 90 and 190km per day for work. How much of the Bolt's 380km range can I expect to get when temperatures average -20, -10, 0 Celsius? Is an electric vehicle a realistic option for me? Thx

  6. Meno Passini

    The Most fact based Bolt review yet. This would be a Good first EV for someone hesitant about EVs. I would lease it, because the EV models are changing fast. Bolt was Motor Trends' car of the year for 2017 and Business Insider's runner up for 2018. The Bolt beat out the model 3 and Telsa fan boys still havn't gotten over it.

  7. DrgnFlys

    Let me correct his statement that the biggest thing working against the bolt is because it doesn't have a Tesla badge, this statement is wrong on so many levels. The biggest thing working against the bolt is 1) GM's horrible history crushing EV's and, in combination with Chevron and CARB, they helped kill the electric car- This has NOT been forgotten. 2) Gm's non advertising of, and limited availability of the Bolt, they are only available in certain states 3) the Bolt is a compliance car, and GM has made that glaringly obvious. The above reasons are why the Bolt is moving so slowly, other than those reasons, the Bolt appears to be a solid buy in comparison to the other EV's on the market.

  8. GreenJeep1998

    While the Bolt can't be considered a "Sports Car" or a "Hot Hatch", the mid 6 second 0-60, high 14 second quarter miles times, and Angry Bird styling (look up the pics of this car in red and the red Angry Bird, just trust me on this one) do qualify it for another catagory that to me is much more entertaining, Factory Sleeper or Q-Ship!

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