Why Buy? | 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier Review

Motor1 Executive Editor Seyth Miersma examines what makes Chevrolet’s Volt such a unique and compelling compromise amongst the contemporary green-car segment.

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Engine: Electric Drive w/ 1.5L I4 range extender
Output: 149 Horsepower / 294 Pound-Feet
Transmission: Automatic
EPA Fuel Economy: 106 mpge
As Tested Price: $39,750

Host: Seyth Miersma
DP: James Bradbury
Editor: James Bradbury
Music: audio1 – Fashionable

13 Replies to “Why Buy? | 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier Review”

  1. NH Dan

    We have had a 2017 Volt for just over two years. It has been flawless. I’m alway surprised to hear all the concern about charging. We simply plug in the 110 charger that came with car. It’s fully charged by morning. My wife drives the car on her short commute. Often charging the car once or twice a week due the 53 mile range. She is very good using the dynamic braking paddle. On longer trips She often arrives at her destination with more EV miles available than when She left our home. The transition from EV to gas engine is seamless just a great car. We charge the car via our grid tied solar array All works out perfectly. We got the Volt about the same we got the Solar array. So no electricity bill anymore and almost no gasoline bill. Our plan was to just try the Volt for a few years kind of for the novelty. Now I can’t imagine we’d ever not have a vehicle like this. The plug in hybrid is absolutely the way to got. I’m amazed they don’t have a bigger following The back seat is small no doubt but for us the Volt is the perfect daily driver

  2. Mike G

    One thing I noticed about this car from driving it on numerous long distance trips, is that it gets great fuel economy at high speeds. Driving with cruise control set at 75 mph, I routinely get 40 mpg AFTER the battery is discharged. With a full charge and a full tank of gas I average 42-46 mpg on a 300 mile trip at 75 mph. Not many cars on the road today return that kind of mpg at that speed. It also has great passing ability at 75 mph, which is rare for a car so fuel efficient.

  3. VoltecRules

    The Volt is really the only EV with a long range of 53+ miles and a large gas generator to keep the car going after the charge is depleted. BMW i3 has a one gallon gas tank range extender but that is hardly as good as the Volt that carries 8 gallons and a much more powerful generator. The Volt is amazing and typical drivers may hardly ever use gas.

  4. Rj L

    I really love to buy this car but the front is for american and the back is for asian lol meaning the headroom sucks and the middle seat is useless when they can just make the seat foam low so another asian can fit in the middle seat lol

  5. MTZ SkunkWorks

    I just bought this exact car and color. Love it!! It does go the full 50-60 miles ev. Kind of wish it had a trunk and or secure storage location. Here near san fran its the car break in capital of the world, you cant leave anything in your car.

  6. Philip D

    Wow, how tall is this guy? 6'10"?

    I'm 6'3" and when I sit in the back seat of my 17 Volt the top of my head just touches the headliner. If I just relax in the seat and not sit up really straight then it doesn't touch.

    This back of this guy's head is touching.

  7. Joe Szabo

    Great video covering the pros and cons of GM's 2 generation of the Volt. As a former Prius driver and current 2016 Volt Driver with a 150 mile daily commute, I'm using 4 gallons less of gas per week (than Prius) and am using mostly gas on week-ends. Of course the 4 gallons of gas I save is made up by electricity which is costing about 1.25 gallon equivalent. Volt's a great car with a real solution for those with range anxiety for electric vehicles.

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