Why a Tesla Model 3 is a horrible car to drive for Uber and Lyft.

Best ways to maximize earnings in Chicago (and possibly other markets)

1. Set a goal
2. Drive at the best hours
3. Don’t wait at airport ques
4. Don’t chase surge
5. Don’t accept pool/Lyne requests
6. Use your destination filters to your advantage

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20 Replies to “Why a Tesla Model 3 is a horrible car to drive for Uber and Lyft.”

  1. Jeremy Castleberg

    Thanks for the video. I understand your perspective. I drive Lyft and Uber with a Model 3 in central WI, and the door handles can be an issue if you don't address with the clients, but it does work if you address right away. What I do is open the doors, from the inside for them, I lean over, or reach back. The benefit of the odd inside door buttons is that all you have to do is push it and the door 'pops' open, making it easy to do from the driver seat. The car is small enough it works well and I can reach every door. They appreciate the gesture, and on the exit, I make the convo fun around the odd exit. I typically drive for the late night, aka drunk crowd as well, and it isn't an issue. As long as you don't mind talking about, and having fun with it, it works. I am a 4.98 rating as well, and have never gotten neg feedback on the handles. Hope that helps!

  2. John Ramos

    Just today I saw a guy driving a tesla model 3 ..he told me he just pay 600 dollars a month . And 1600 dollars per year for ensurence. So probably any electric car could be good to do uber .

    I drive a honda pilot 09 , every month I'm expanding around 2k on gasoline , so listen believe an electric car or hybrid is the best option.

  3. Jasonomnia

    Thanks for the video, currently I’m working my hard and saving up to buy a used model 3 in the near future. And this video pointed out what I already guessed would be the problem: people aren’t used to its door handles. But seriously, comparing to refueling, recharging is cheap especially if you get that 6 months free trial for supercharging, and the car can drive itself for I’m guessing for the most part which takes so much work and energy out of the driver. I own a 2016 civic, and it can do around 29-35 mpg and gas around here is like 24-27 dollars for a refill, but even then I gotta refill every 2-3 days, and of course that add up to a lot of money over the year. And i hear some tesla owner saying their recharging cost is, like, 20 dollars for every 700-1000 miles, and that’s jaw dropping

  4. dyhppyx

    Like an idiot, I drive a model 3 for uber. Can you please teach me how I can make extra money with it? Uber doesn't even categorize the car as select so it's only uberx. Can you believe that bs?

  5. Wen Wang

    Maybe you can tweet Tesla to add a feature on the Model 3 touchscreen to allow the driver to tap an option on the screen that would allow the door to open for the passenger. Just a thought

  6. Sillygoose41!

    Hi, when you are logged on to Uber select, will x pings come In? Or pool? Or will you only get select pings? Not sure how the system works and I've been tempted to stop using my ageing compact car and use my big suv and do XL, I wasnt sure if I'd also get x pings tho

  7. teslarati 101

    dont let the door handles be the reason why u dont buy it .. its an amazing car & awesome for ride sharing . my brother in law does the same thing u do w uber , he loves it & gets a lot of amazing reactions . people instantly fall in love with it

  8. Christopher Kincey-Kamau

    you wont have to worry about ride share business in 5 yrs…tesla cutting out human labor costs within that time. time to find a new day job. practical ev purchasing info as mrkt grows and costs come down but lots of pretenders trying to dupe folks into unwitting purchases.

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