WHOA! GameCube Adapter Works on Nintendo Switch! – We Show it Off!

The GameCube Controller Adapter now works on the Nintendo Switch thanks to a secret feature in the 4.0 update–and it works with ALL of the Switch games! Could this mean GCN Virtual Console might be on the way…or Super Smash Bros. Switch?! Who knows, but we demonstrate how the Wii U USB controller adapter works so you can try it for yourselves!


Special Thanks to @Dark_Throwback for the tip!

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26 Replies to “WHOA! GameCube Adapter Works on Nintendo Switch! – We Show it Off!”

  1. James Shields

    I'm not really sure how to hook up the wii u adapter to my switch in a way that makes it work. I tried plugging in both USB ports (The gray and the black one) to the external usb ports on the dock but that didn't seem to work, can anyone explain to me how to get it to work?

  2. Kird Chemical

    This is gonna work great with small party games and such or retro styled games since they don't use much buttons on controller (as you mentionned + joystick buttons not available on GC controllers either)

  3. Peter Mei

    GameCube controller support on Nintendo Switch utilize 2 functions. One is where the GameCube controller counts a Pro Controller support while playing Nintendo Switch if a Nintendo Switch game supports Pro Controller like Kirby Star Allies. The other function is where GameCube controller can utilize on its own while playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch since Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the only GameCube controller enhanced Nintendo Switch game. So I'm happy with GameCube controller support used on Nintendo Switch since GameCube controller works the same way as Pro Controller support.

  4. White Omni Ranger

    I’m having some difficulty with this
    I have the GameCube adaptor and went to controllers and began clicking L and R and nothing happened
    I tried with other spots for it, same thing
    Now beginning to be confused on what am I doing wrong

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