Which SNES Caveman Platformers Are Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk

[0:25] Joe and Mac
[1:45] Joe and Mac 2
[2:19] Congo’s Caper
[2:54] Super Bonk
[3:45] Super Bonk 2
[4:18] Chuck Rock
[4:46] Prehistorik Man
[5:25] The Flintstones
[5:55] The Flintstones: Treasure of the Sierra Madrock

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21 Replies to “Which SNES Caveman Platformers Are Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk”

  1. Gojiro7

    what qualities do caveman have to make them ripe for game fodder? SnesDrunk I can sum that up in one word "DINOSAURS!!!" name one single caveman game in existence that didn't have a dinosaur in it despite it being known fact even then the two never existed in the same time period XD

  2. Abrie Pieterse

    It seems that very often the Super Famicom has excellent games that never made it to the SNES and that the SNES doesn't own that distinction over the Super Famicom. Would you say that if someone had to choose between the SNES and Super Famicom that the Super Famicom would actually be superior?

  3. thunderchild1083

    I loved Chuck Rock and Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck (surprised you didn’t mention No.2 was it not released on the SNES?) when I was younger.
    I personally still think they’re both worth playing even today

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