Which One Should You Buy? DJI Mavic Zoom or DJI Mavic Pro 2?

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33 Replies to “Which One Should You Buy? DJI Mavic Zoom or DJI Mavic Pro 2?”

  1. Stefan rhys

    Man thank you so much for this! Initially I was sold on the zoom but the more I looked at videos on the zoom and pro I started to wonder if the pro 2 was the way I should go because of the one inch sensor.. the zoom may have a smaller sensor and MP count but it doesn’t take bad photos at all! Especially with some touching up in post, and with that zoom feature at its disposal there are so many creative opportunities. My reason for getting a drone is to create cinematic content and story telling, photos is a bonus. I’ll be travelling to japan for 3 weeks and the zoom is the drone I’ll be taking! Thanks for really helping me come to a solid and comfortable conclusion man

  2. hyperspace36

    I really can’t decide at all between the two drones. Yes you’re right, the zoom might come in handy from time to time but 48 mm doesn’t seem to do the trick for me. That’s like the second lens on a iPhone XS and I never use the second lens at all because it’s simply not enough zoom. 4x optical zoom, 8x would be great! And im not talking about digitally zooming in on the 2x optical to get 4x digital. That’s just like the thing you could do on the pro.
    The pro on the other hand doesn’t use its fully potential with line skipping and pixel binning. I don’t want to decide between HQ or FOV, I always want a full sensor readout. Just like on my Sony. On the other hand – I don’t Film in D-LOG and I hardly ever edit RAW. I know how to do it but for most of my personal projects there’s no point.

    So you see – im torn apart. Im really into photography of landscapes, sunsets and cities. But I also want to do some smooth aerial videos for YouTube or vacation vids here and there.

    I just wished DJI would’ve slapped a 1“ Sensor with a 4x optical zoom on the pro. That would’ve been my no brainer choice.

  3. VIC VideopIC

    Great video Tom,
    I hesitated for ages against the two Mavic 2, i finally decided for the zoom and I am very happy I did.
    I know it is only a 2 times zooms, but it does add loads of creative possibilities.
    Also I am astonished by the video quality with such a small sensor and lens.
    I own a Phantom 4 Pro and I was expecting the Mavic 2 zoom to be inferior, but so far it looks to me actually better…

  4. Jeremy Clark

    Tom, Thank you for the video. I was torn on getting a Pro or Zoom and actually a lot of the footage I seen on YouTube the zoom looked better. I already have an Inspire 2 so I thought if I want the best quality for jobs I will use it and if I want something fun and easy to use I will get the zoom out and man I am sure happy I went with the Zoom. I love this drone and I am happy that someone else sees it the same way I do other than the 99% of people out there that is crazy about the one inch sensor. BTW I think it’s funny that all of these people don’t even realize that it is being said that the Pro doesn’t use the full 1 inch sensor due to heating issues.

  5. 1Lifeonearth

    So annoying that they can't just put everything in one camera… Well, we know what the mavic 3 will be… a 1 inch sensor zoom. Or actually, that's what the phantom 5 will be. If only that thing folded… God so annoying!

  6. Slider68

    Is there a digital zoom on the pro model or does this have to be done in post processing?

    Do both allow zooming in and out while flying and recording to help you create the scene you want?

  7. 4fun

    TOM, you should read Michael Emery comment. YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE SAME ZOOM AND EXACTLY THE SAME NARROW/COMPRESSED VIEW WITH THE MAVIC 2 PRO DRONE. Simply said – just move the drone further away from the object and than crop!


    I do not want to buy none of these, the gimbal is glued……because
    1.color profile 3 out of 10
    2.precision landing
    3.fixed wing mode
    4.terrian following
    5.gesture control
    6.portrait mode
    7.follow me
    8.course/home lock
    9.waypoints mode saving hyperlapse has different purpose
    10.battery discharge fixed 10days why

  9. Anthony Parisi

    I am glad I stumbled across this video, as I have been on the fence about whether to get the Zoom or the Pro. After watching this video I am leaning more toward the zoom, and let me explain why…

    I currently own the Mavic Air, I love it, but I want/need something a little more. I am by no means a professional photographer or videographer, but I do like to shoot landscapes and take some video from when I am on vacation somewhere and I barely do any post processing aside from maybe editing videos on vacation. If you asked me to explain color correcting, or gamma correction or what 10-bit D-Log means, I would probably look like a patient in a vegatative state.

    As I said, I love my air, but I wanted to get more out of it (greater distances, longer flight times, ect) and both of these new Mavic models do the trick and so it was now trying to figure out which one to get, and boy was I confused… Speaking with friends who are a bit more advanced than me with drones all said get the pro. They would say things like "Why get the zoom if its the same camera as the original Mavic Pro. Spend the extra $$$, get the better camera," and for a while I was listening to them, but after watching this video, I realized that I have no idea how to do half the things that Tom mentions in this video with regards to post, and even watching other videos from youtubers like Ed Ricker or Casey Neistat, they too both said that if you're a casual drone enthusiast who just wants to get out and shoot and do light editing, get the Zoom, and I think that that is what I am going to do.

    Thanks again Tom!!!

  10. james R.

    Hmmm. Interesting arguments for the zoom model. I always favor the higher quality image because that's what matters to me. But as you say they are downgraded in you tube and that extra oomph is lost in the process, it almost looks like money wasted. Image sharpness and resolving power are also tops in my consideration of camera quality, and I would hope that someone (perhaps you) will do a side by side comparison of these two new drones, as well as tho "old" Mavic Pro using standard charts used to test DSLR's , for line count resolution and sharpness.

  11. Phoebe Snow

    Finally someone expounds the rationale and merits of the zoom. I get it that the camera on the Pro 2 is better but I like to have the option to zoom in without actually flying closer. A great presentation to make one think more on perhaps why DJI introduced the two very different models after all there had to be a reason why they didn't introduce just the Pro 2. Tom explains the reason very clearly. Thank you.

  12. Dawid K

    someone should take both mavics 2 apart and figure out how to make secure, universal camera mount connector – then one drone 2 cams in super small package. DJI would not do this because of product lineup but most probably drone is ready for this.

  13. Merch Lifestyle

    Great insight about film being about bringing a new perspective. I really appreciate your candor and insight in regards to making engaging video content! You've just decided for me which one i'm picking up… – Spencer

  14. recolaq

    I really like your channel. but if you say, "you can download the original footage from my website" you should put the high quality footage there and not a few crappy 640X480 pictures or a link to DJI. Make money the right way. This is way to obvious and making viewers angry.

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