Which Drone? Phantom 3 Standard vs Mavic Pro side by side

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**Starting out or upgrading? Full review and comparison of 2 very different DJI drones whose specs are actually a little closer than you might think.

Mavic AIR versus PRO:

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Shot in 4K and uploaded in 1080p.
Music by Epidemic Sound
Happy flying guys…. Ian

32 Replies to “Which Drone? Phantom 3 Standard vs Mavic Pro side by side”

  1. riverbankfisher

    I own a Phantom 3 Standard, and routinely fly round trips just shy of 5 miles in huge circles, lasting up to 20 minutes duration, all using Litchi Mission Hub. I pre-plan the flights on my desktop computer, take the drone outside, send it on its way, then go back indoors to do other stuff until just 5 minutes prior to the drone's scheduled arrival, at which point I step out to execute a manual landing on a purpose-built table.

    Phantom 3 Standards are currently changing hands for as low as $120 on ebay, and I wouldn't buy any more costly a drone, even if I had the money burning a hole in my pocket. The Phantom 3 Standard is that proverbial diamond in the rough, for delivering spectacular range and imagery, on a tightwad's budget. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to buy a Phantom 3 Standard TODAY. This tape has self-destructed.

  2. Steve Parsons

    This guys review of the phantom3 is spot on. I was thinking about upgrading from the phantom3 to the mavic pro but didnt realize the cameras are the same. So all I would be getting would be better range.

  3. craigjensen321

    Very informative video thanks for this it has been very helpful. Im not looking to use a drone as a hobby as such, but get some nice high shots on the places i ride my bike. Thanks again great video 👍

  4. xray364

    100% agree Ian. The Phantom is a great drone for someone to get started with. I bought a P3 for $250AUD so smashing it isn’t so bad. Yes it’s big compared to the Mavic or even Spark, but seriously if anyone is buying a drone for a bit of fun and to learn on, you’re going to be doing it near home or transported in the back of a car, so it’s not as a big a deal as one might think. The only time it’s an issue is if you want to take it on a plane for holiday shots, but then again would a complete novice be doing that? I don’t think so. So Ian you’re right, get yourself a cheaper P3 have fun with it and if it’s still in one piece when you want to upgrade, it should be a reasonably easy sell. Afterall, it’s still what was a top of the line DJI product.


    Cool review mate i decided on a Z5 stabilisation in 720p not bad for a hundred quid but you know I preferred the footage from the phantom m8 more colourful I thought

  6. David Thomas

    At 4:30, when the drones fly away, does the colour of the phantom get better than the Mavic ?? The Mavic seems to get very muted colours, or am I missing something, regards, Dave the slave

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