Where to Start: Nintendo Wii U

If you’ve ever wondered where you should start when it comes to the Nintendo Wii U, then this video is for you.

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43 Replies to “Where to Start: Nintendo Wii U”

  1. Joseph Manzella

    An underappreciated console, the gamepad ought to have been an option for games and system settings. The gamepad breaks; gone is the ability to play games like Pikmin 3. The only way to buy a new gamepad was to purchase a new console. The Switch was helped in sales because Nintendo focused on the greatness of their games Instead of a controller.

  2. Really out here Wilin

    Had a Wii U for 4-5 years. Stopped playing it early in bc of the lack of games I had but later on discovered how to homebrew it and did exactly that. Was able to play game backups with ease, played DS games that were not from the eShop, played through a large variety of gamecube emulated game’s, and ultimately made me play the switch again due to the fact I modded it. Definitely if you plan on purchasing a Wii U, look into modding it and external storages like SD cards & flashdrives.

  3. Jim Y

    its too bad the lack of respect the wiiu gets. i loved it. turns out the reason i play my switch the way i do is because of the switch. no matter the game or show i always used the pad to play or watch. i naver dock my switch. it'll sound wierd but it always just feel more intimate. not in a sexy way, but a personal or private way.

  4. Fernando Felix

    Wii U has the best retro games in a console. With a hacked console, you can play even more retro games like GC or other games that not exists on VC by emulation. It's a incredible console for this purposes IMO. And yes, it's the best for Zelda games too!

  5. Caleb_Bravo99

    Here's a fun fact:
    There is actually a rare model of Wii U that is White and has 32GB of internal storage. I don't believe the model number is any different, and these were only sold as "Refurbished" consoles on Nintendo's online store.

  6. robert womack

    It’s July 14, 2020 and I just bought my very first video console which is the Wii-U since I bought my GameCube brand new back in the day 😂. I can’t wait till it gets here to play it for the first time. I’m so excited.

  7. Bentley Milnes

    I've never played it but I wish they would put all the Zelda games on the Nintendo switch I would buy them all also I bought breath of the wild but it's real hard to play I still only have three hearts

  8. GameNeet

    The Wii U pro controller lasting so long was both a blessing and a curse. I only had to charge that thing like once every couple months lol. But due to that, I lost the charger. Honestly felt like it lasted longer than 80 hours lmao

  9. Sandman 89

    Love the wiiu. 🥰 3ds also. I’d love a hd 3ds that would be awesome. The switch lacks something for me but I can’t put my finger on what it is. I think it’s a number of things like backwards compatibility a lack of old Nintendo games like dkc and Metroid maybe no Themes like 3ds. Oh and swapping cartridges is rubbish on switch they are the wrong way round and the rubber cap is annoying

  10. Slate Hood

    TVii is the best thing you favorite console will never have, it's ashamed they didn't do it with the Switch. But regardless very underrated gem that comes in clutch. Also we need every Zelda game ported to switch, along with Xenoblade Chronicles X (we need all the Xenoblades games on one device). Lastly Elma for Smash!!!!

  11. Yellow Dino

    Me and my first 2 friends were the only ones who owned a WiiU in my School (4th-8th grade) peers. But hey, we still loved that thing to pieces.

    For me, it wad one of the 8th gen systems (belive it or not) that was part of my childhood (at least before my family got the switch in Christmas 2017 (7th grade), but me and my siblings still love it by Heart.

    Now; the WiiU itself is low-key dead, since eventually the component outlet (the one that connects the console to your house's electricity) from the Console itself got broken and it will be a long while till we get that fixed, till then we'll all still remember it fondly till this day.

  12. Tsunami Rider

    Great video. Wii U is one of my all time favorite consoles as well. Sad to think of all the missed potential it had. Like I love all the on rails light gun shooters on Wii, would've been great to have HD versions on Wii U. Likewise more games with nunchuck movement and Wii mote aiming but in HD like the Wii had. The sensor bar makes a huge difference, and while there are some attempts on Switch, they're not as good and require a recalibrate/reset button.

  13. Nomado

    Besides 3DS and Switch, WiiU is almost the best console one could have. That is when it is modded. It can play almost all Gamecube games natively. It already supports Wii games and Wii Remote and has plug-in slot for Wii sensor bar. With Wii Classic controller, one is able to have analog trigger. Also with WiiU gamecube adapter, it can use and play Gamecube games with original Gamecube controller. Also with Mayflash gamecube Wii Remote adapter, one is able to use Gamecube controller as Classic controller in Wii games.
    It can play NES, SNES, MSX, Turbografx-16, GBA, SMS, Gameboy, Gameboy Color games and most of the N64 games(but not all) and DS games via VC injects.

    The console had many design flaws and issues but with modding, its potential is almost fully unlocked.

  14. Allie-RX

    The Wii U had some good exclusives for its time, but I hated the console itself. The GamePad was an interesting concept at first, but it's not aesthetically presentable and it isn't needed for the vast majority of games. Most games play just fine with a regular controller. It should've been optional and not mandatory. That would've lowered the price of the system and attracted more third-party developers, though the console itself was still very underpowered with a CPU weaker than the Xbox 360.

    With so many games ported to the Switch and other platforms, the Wii U is only worth it if you wanna play Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame, Tokyo Mirage Sessions uncensored and Super Mario 3D World.

    For those handful of games, I'll just play them on the Cemu emulator.

    For Wii games, I'd rather get an original Wii. The Wii is backwards compatible with GameCube discs. Sure you can hack a Wii U, but it's better to play GameCube games right out of the box. Plus you can't even use your own discs, gotta download the ISOs.

  15. Dustin Nunn

    Nintendo is my least favorite video game company because they have habits of shutting down their online Nintendo console's online servers and their online games' online servers as well. I like Sony, Microsoft and Steam better than Nintendo because Sony, Microsoft and Steam keep their online servers on their games up and running.

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