When a Gamer Buys Amazon Echo | Amazon Alexa

When a Gamer Buys Amazon Echo | Amazon Alexa
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Amazon Echo/Amazon Alexa – it is a AI like Siri, Google Home, etc.
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Brief about Amazon Echo AKA Amazon Alexa:
Amazon Echo is also called as Amazon Alexa because the UI is powered by Alexa. Amazon Echo/Alexa is used for entertainment and make’s life easier. Some of the competitors of Amazon Echo Dot are Apple Siri aka Apple HomePod, Cortona, Google Home aka Google Assistant.
You can get Google Home, Siri, Amazon Echo,Homepod in their respected stores.
This Video Is Made For Fun, and the Amazon Echo/Alexa voice is not real, it was a robot voice so please don’t be offended as this is not the behaviour of Amazon Alexa.


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  1. Allipse Gaming

    8000 Likes for Part 2?
    Life of a Poor Gamer | Part 3 is releasing on 13 Jan.
    It is going to be one of the best Videos ever
    Make sure to watch other parts to understand Part 3
    See you on Wednesday, Until then Peace…

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