Is there a point to consoles?
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50 Replies to “WHAT'S THE POINT OF GAME CONSOLES? – Happy Console Gamer”

  1. Murmuring Mystic

    I love PCs and all, but when I look at the collection behind you… Man, as a PC player I have nothing to show for my PC games. If I ever lose my username and password or get hacked, my entire history of PC games is lost. Wish we could still buy PC games physically and have base prices for games that actually go down (almost all games cost 40-60 dollars on PC and you always have to wait for sales)

  2. Nikola Gracin

    PC's are better so deal with it…
    1. Free multiplayer
    2. Over 80% of discount on pc games on Steam (for summer sale, or winter sale)
    3. 144hz monitors are best, you get perfect clarity and it gives you HUGE advantage in games
    4. Better framerate
    5. If you think that a reasonable good gaming pc costs like 4000 or 5000$? You're wrong. I paid 700$ for pc that is better that any console right now.

  3. Abel Alvarez

    This has been a huge debate since the PS3/Xbox 360 era. Honestly i just have a PC for emulation because I'm a pirate. As for consoles I'm sticking to the OG ones (from Magnavox Odyssey to PS4/Xbox 360/Switch). I'm gonna retire from here because there's so much games i have yet to discover from before.

  4. Silent Knight

    years ago, getting a console wasnt a bad idea for the new gamer. But these days, its kind of pointless. Espically when they have full-blown emulators out there. As well as services such as STEAM. I just bought Assassins Creed: Oddessy the other day for $40 on xbox one. I just google search it for the PC. Lone be hold I found it! The price is seven cheaper, im just like wtf? Why am I spending all this one for xbox/ps etc games?

  5. zeemonkeyman1

    As both a PC and Console player I’ve got to say that PSN actually has better deals than Steam these days and they are on far more often! Don’t believe me? Go have a look at both stores now

  6. han gubi

    hardware perspective, pc is just better.
    but we buy console mostly for games, not hardware. even i like switch's unique hardware and all stuff, i wouldn't buy it if switch have mediocre zelda, mario and so on.
    pc have own their exclusive but its different games. there are no pc mario, or pc last of us or nintendo's starcraft. different games for different person.

  7. nubemuffin

    People should just stop buying consoles… they're getting ripped off. If everyone stopped buying consoles, the developers would be forced to develop for PCs or go bankrupt and we'd have only one system (and a better one at that). Also, console developers are video game industry leeches… what do they actually bring to the table? What do they actually do? Nothing… They create a little PC and then sign a bunch of developers to them to create games exclusively for that PC, forcing gamers to buy it….

    Just don't…

  8. Crazy Nerd

    consoles still have value though. pc is in fact better, more features and games. but id say if it is entertaining to you thats really the point right? i know that the pc is better but i still lve consoles and handhelds. its how i got interested in pc after all.

  9. Game-Freak67

    ReviewTech is a huge PC fanboy, anything he says shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Both have their pros and cons. PC has the advantage of being more open, but consoles have the advantage of being more optimized.Which one is better depends on your personal wants and needs.

    I play on both.

  10. Cameron McBride

    If I was into PC gaming , I probably would going over board upgrading it. Before I got a ps4 ,I had a ps3 for 8 years. If was into PC gaming probably would of spent thousands on it . I know you don't have to spend that much but I probably would have.

  11. Majd Kamosh

    PC gaming and Console gaming communities are being ruined by Pc elitist and Console peasants I am a PC gamer and I am embarrassed by the PC elitist wanting to convert others to pc and there ruining our image and I hate console peasants for lieing and ruining the console image.

    Just calm down. Let gamers play any platform they choose.

  12. Richard France

    I know PCs are better than consoles but I don't game on PC for one simple reason… DRM. If i buy a game on PS4 and wish to run it from the disc 10 years later… I can 🙂 If I install some bloody thing like Origin for the PC and they take the servers down I will be SOL 🙁

  13. eternal odin

    im a console gamer have been since the original nintendo im an old school console gamer i believe in a level playing field im also against scuff controllers and such on a console its way more even on a pc u can buy alot of things to give u advantages over other players ijust wanna get home chill on the couch and play a game and have fun on a pretty level playing field not get utterly destroyed cuz ppl have better screens or mice or keyboard or graphics cards or whatever that being said i have nothing against pc gamers its just not my thing i think controller players and m&k players should not play against eachother its just too much of a difference

  14. Casey Rose

    I am a console gamer mostly because of physical games and ability to play it 20 years after the release without worrying about some publisher's servers. It's like paying with card vs cash – card is better and more convenient, but if your bank account gets hacked or a bank files for bankrupcy, your money is lost. The difference is that banks would give you back at least some of the money you lost, but Steam has nothing like that in their terms of service. You were banned accidentally for no reason? A few thousand bucks lost forever.

  15. titan fall

    well I am not rich, but my main game playing is done on PC. I upgrade my PC every 8 to 10 years. now, I do own a sega 16, NES, PS2, and a PS3. thinking about getting the PS mini. will most likely get a PS4 pro when the PS5 comes out I really like Final Fantasy. consoles have their place, for years only the best selling console games would be ported to PC. I am happy to see them, now starting to make PC only games again.

  16. Alfred

    Scott Metcalfe http://www.gamerankings.com
    Also if you click on the GOTY Award organizations usually a console game wins best Graphics/Visuals.

    AAAA gaming/Games, Graphics, Price, better online, better multiplayer, better support, better developers, more variety… Switch's hybrid console/handheld portability…. there's nearly 20 reasons and 50 games in the following and all of it is true. Simply put FPS and resolution hardly ever make or break a game and no one but graphics whore have ever cared about it. PS2 dominated the market, Wii dominated the market, MMORPGs and RTS games that look worse than PS2 games dominate the PC market. Buying a PC all because you're a graphics whore is as retarded as buying the ever failing Xbox One X over the PS4 because you're a graphics whore. Systems library > Features > power… Always has been always will be.

    I never said that PC didn't have more power, I merely said that PCs aren't dedicated game machines. They're personal computing systems with NO first party support and NO developers creating games for high end gaming PCs (outside of Crysis). It doesn't matter if you spend $100,000 on your PC buying futuristic shit… No one is making games for it. In the end if you want to play the pinnacle of gaming graphics you better have a PS4. ?

    If you want to spend 3X the price of a console and tweak the settings in the yearly Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed to look marginally better than consoles that's your choice. ?

    I'll take the best looking games of the generation, AAAA games, and the same multiplats that PC gets with nearly identical graphics any day of the week… That and on consoles they just work… Windows 10 buggy crashing gaming. ?

    And again to nail down the PC slob rape…

    Copy/paste from another argument with PC Slobs. PC gaming…By free online you mean riddled with cheaters, modders, aimbots etc? I'll gladly pay $4 a month for a fair playing field and 4 free games every month on PSN ? Oh… Not to mention local multiplayer and Switches portability and social gaming which PC doesn't have. ?

    PC slobs bragging about negligible improvement on hardware that costs 3X as much as a PS4… Are you getting games that look 3X as good, twice as good? No… You're getting resolutions and frame rates that are so miniscule they're barely fucking noticable. Besides that you're arguing about the graphics of games that are complete duds. ????

    A killer app is software that sells systems, it's why Sony, Nintendo, and MS buy studios and talent to produce AAAA exclusive games that look and play better than anything on PC… (Or at least MS did… Xbone sucks almost as bad as PC). ?

    Wiki 'GOTY'
    Google Technical GOTY or best Graphics/Visuals 20XX

    PC slobs have nothing on Console God's. ????

    There's a reason there's 3 consoles on the market, that the 3 biggest press conferences at E3 are about Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

    PC slobs not getting anything close to TLOU2. Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, RDR2, Days Gone, Kingdom Hearts 3, Spiderman, SSBU… Hell 2nd tier games like Pokemon, Mario Party, Mario Tennis are better than anything you can list on PC… Good luck emulating some friends to play those last few games with. ??????????

    I'll help you out… PC's killer apps are World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and free to play games like DOTA or League of Legends, CiV, sports managers, and Simulators… Just pure shit and games that look like dog shit smeared on the sidewalk. A Steam poll showed that only 34% of gamers play on high settings, most PC gamers are in it for the reason people play PC… Garbage looking point and click MMO and RTS games, which is where PC companies make the most money as you can't pirate games that require subscription fees. ?

    You can't list a great looking, high rated, high selling PC exclusive because they don't exist. ????

    Additionally… PC is niche… GameStop's on nearly every corner are wall to wall with console games, $60 full price, Walmart huge console gaming sections. PC slobs don't even own physical copies of games and no game on PC is selling for much… PC gaming is like going to the salvation army for shit. ?

    PC Slobs have been brutally ass fucked. ???????

    Spending several times more for a fucking gaming PC and all you have to justify it is 30 more "frames per second" There's virtually no difference… We're in a fucking YouTube channel where it's hard to even tell the difference and that's worth several hundred dollars more. ?

    Not to mention the bugs, the crashes, the programs running in the background on PC. Your fucking PC probably freezes up running MS Word much less these console ports. ? Windows 10. ?

    Odd for a literal fraction of the price of your gaming rig I can buy a PS4 and Switch and….

    1) Have access to every multiplat on PC that just pops in to the system and plays.
    2) Looks virtually indistinguishable to even fucking $5,000 PCs.
    3) Runs amazing with out any problems or having to adjust any settings.
    4) Have access to AAAA games that are some of the highest score, highest selling GOTY winners.
    5) Have access to games that look better than anything on PC that have won awards for technical achievement and visuals.
    6) Have access to amazing games in every genre outside of MMORPGS RTS and Sims.
    7) Have online with a moderated community free of cheating, mods, and aimbots. Free games every month as part of PSN, ability to appear offline, easily share game clips, parental controls.. Well worth $4 a month.
    8) With the Switch be able to play anywhere, put the game in the cradle, take it with me traveling etc, even the PS4 is small enough to transport on business trips of play in hotels… Good luck transporting your gaming rig ?
    9) No need to upgrade any hardware for 7-8 years and still get the best looking games.
    10) Local multiplayer and social gaming. I'm not forced to sit alone hunched over a desk. Consoles have always been a social experience with friends playing sports games, fighting games, party games, co-op games.
    11) When a console comes out it's the best tech on the market until PCs play catch-up.
    12) Far better development as console developers have the best in the business or buy studios, timed exclusives, content.
    13) You know who made the PS4 and Switch… Billion dollar companies with access to the best technology and engineers in the business… You know who made your gaming rig? You… A dipshit with access to eBay and cheap old parts. It's no wonder that after 7 years Sony developers can make TLOU2 better than anything on PC. Or Nintendo can put out amazing looking games on a system a fraction of the size of your keyboard that's portable. ?
    14) Physical copy's of games or access to a huge online gaming library. I can actually have and sell the game rather than just have it on a steam account.
    15) Trophies/achievements
    16) Innovation. From creating genres, to analog sticks, VR, to motion controls, to rumble, touch pads, wireless controllers, consoles are constantly evolving while PC has been the same exact point and click shit forever.
    17) You can invite friends to your game with share play on PS4 even if they don't have the game.
    18) You can buy all 3 consoles (Though you don't really need an Xbone as it's exclusive library is straight up shit this generation) and a Raspberry Pi, for a better and multiplayer emulation experience, any probably a tablet/laptop for cheaper than a gaming PC. ?
    19) Timed exclusives, getting 3rd party games months if not years before they're ported to PC.
    20) Exclusive content. Some companies give exclusive content and bonuses to buy the console version.
    21) No good franchises.
    22) No notable icons, mascots/characters.

    I could go on forever listing great console games but just this generation…

    Uncharted 4
    God of War
    Persona 5
    Shadow of the Colossus
    The Last of us Remastered
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection
    Ratchet and Clank
    MLB '16
    Yakuza 0
    Uncharted The Lost Legacy
    MLB 17
    Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
    MLB 18
    The Last Guardian
    Guitar Hero Live
    Disgaea 5
    NHL 17
    Little Big Planet 3
    Infamous second son
    God of War 3 remastered

    Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario Kart 8
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle
    Splatoon 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Pokemon Tournament Dx
    Golf Story

    Just some of the games not on PC… All rated above 80 % aggregate. ????

    Coming out… TLOU2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Metroid 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mario Tennis, Days Gone, Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Spiderman, Mario Party, Bayonetta 3, Final Fantasy VII remake, Pokemon Switch, Mario and Rabbids 2, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem 3.

    YOU CAN'T LIST 5 GAMES FOR PC?. For the price of a PC I could have also thrown in Xbone and it's very few good games.

    But hey… You have fucking Gary's mod, some better frame rates because graphics > games/gameplay, mods, and some emulation though you could just buy a raspberry pi for $50. ?

    PC gaming hasn't evolved in 30 years. ?????
    Mic Drop.

  17. GeordieGames

    It's all down to crashes and controllers… consoles rarely crash and PCs still have problems with xbox one pads, i'm using a 360 pad… ps4 pro, switch in front of a 65" tv with no massive wires anyway, yeah long live consoles. i tried to install a wi-fi card on my PC, didn't work, restarted my PC and Windows had corrupted. 5 hours later, PC up and running less 5-6 important docs i didn't back up, no thanks.

  18. Steven Gourlay

    Love the channel dude. This channel is the last bastion for me. Every episode is from the heart. Rich of reviewtechusa is everything thats wrong with youtube. I hate even hearing about the guy. Lol

  19. mrswolls

    Essentially consoles are computers dedicated to gaming. Of course there's steam on pc and Mac and its huge library. I grew up on console and I feel they're at a point now where they are comparable to pc. Next gen of course will be even closer, if not tied. For older gamers there may be more of a nostalgia factor on using console then someone who's 15 years old today. But as I see it, essentially its the same and you choose based on what library you want.

  20. Pearse

    I didn’t get a gaming pc so that I could have amazing graphics, I got it so that the games I would play would be much more of a reliable and enjoyable experience. My fps is amazing and i can play all my games smoothly. I don’t have to interact with the shitty Xbox interface which is utter crap and is very dysfunctional. I can buy games for very cheap and with very easy access. I can play many more games. And finally I can play games online without a stupid subscription which only goes to a greedy company. People who love to play on older consoles are fine. They are nothing like the garbage consoles today. If you play on a Xbox or ps4, I truly feel sorry that you have to spend money to play online and pay bullshit prices for games and that these games do not run very smoothly.

  21. Scuba

    Should mention the fact that these PC's are like $1500+ vs $200-$500 Consoles. A little bit better performance isn't worth $1000+ for me personally. But to each their own.

  22. Joseph Byron Smith

    I grew up with a pc – well an acorn to begin with. Half-life is one of the most informative games I played. As I got older I have been mostly console based- and discovered all the amazing stuff on PS2 especially, which I missed out on. I don’t have a pc now (I have a decent laptop) due to the cost

  23. Alfred

    The only game I can think of that was ever developed for high end PC was Crysis. Otherwise all you're doing is paying 2-3X the price of a console for an extremely marginal difference in yearly rehashed 3rd party games like what EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Eidos, etc put out. Sony and Nintendo actually have talent and make games that have put the best looking PC games to shame since 1985.

  24. Joe Edwards

    I actually got out of the PC rat race. My computer is a solid-state Mac mini that can run Windows and Linux. What do I use it for? Internet, music, TV and movies. Gaming is 100% console in my house.!!! 🙂

  25. AWDTH1111

    I love PC but the appeal of console to me, particularly the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch will always be the number of exclusives. I hate not having access to some of the great exclusives those platforms have to offer. I don't mind being under powered. I care about simplicity and the games. PC just isn't there yet.

  26. Eye Sick

    Let me explain everything for everyone: PC gaming is like a meta game for obsessive and manic people. Configuring and modifing the hardware and software. Pushing the limits of your system. Making it do more things than you need or want because you can. It can be more entertaining setting up and tweaking and modding and hacking stuff than actually playing games. It is a power trip high. Console gaming is for when you want to be seduced by the simplicity of not having control over every aspect of the hardware. It lets you play it's games in the way it says you can. Consoles give you permission to play within the games but not within the system. The purpose of gaming is to have a machine that dispenses dopamine. It is good to have competition and innovation in the world of entertainment technology. The social validation game is played by signaling to each other why your personal choices are more superior or reasonable than others. All gamers are being played by the economics game. What is the point of this magic? Keeps a lot of people busy and generates value for others to gain from. Good job fellow funslaves.

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