What's Keeping Backwards Compatibility Out of New Game Consoles?

Backwards compatible game consoles: everyone wants it, everyone talks about it, but we don’t always have it. What’s keeping it from being implemented in every new console? Let’s talk.
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22 Replies to “What's Keeping Backwards Compatibility Out of New Game Consoles?”

  1. Peter von Feldt

    Yeah stadia was talked about during this time of your video upload last year and it totally sucks monkey balls. Also Nintendo changes it's media every time they make a new console so backwards compatibility isn't a thing with their primary consoles, however it is a thing with their handheld portable consoles.

  2. Severinsen

    I don't trust the statistics, because they don't ask the right questions.
    Someone playing on a new console would already have to have the money to buy the new console, and many people don't necessarily jump on the new console right away. Additionally, many of the newer games are made to make you play them a lot, they are made to be grindier. There are "live service" games that can go on forever, but many old games have a set amount of hours to play until you'll have to replay them etc.
    I think backwards compatibility is make or break for many potential customers that didn't buy the previous console especially.

  3. Marshmallow Zi11A

    Wanna know something that sucks? You cant play mech assault 1 or 2 even though Microsoft owns the IP and can resell the game on thier store or make a new one. I played mech assault 1 back in the day and it felt amazing to finally unlock the Ragnorock.

  4. Obioma Chukwuocha

    TLDR: Disney Vault for Games

    What if they did something like the Disney Vault and only release specific number of copies of specific games every 5 to 10 years. This makes those games rare while keeping up the demand bc they are rare. This will keep the drive for backwards compatibility while meeting it with a financial incentive.

  5. KerrBox

    if we are seriosuly not going to get backwards compatibility past the PS4, i think sony should seriously consider something like putting old consoles back into production for people who still want to buy them, i mean i still have all of my PS2 games and the first few PS2s ended up not working or not reading some games like the blue discs. the simple fact is hardware breaks down over time and these companies don't seem to give much of a shit, obviously what i'm suggesting most likely will not happen because it would not be very good business to put old products back into production rather than focusing on your present and future products, it would just be nice to take the people who still like older games into consideration

  6. bongjai

    BC is so stupid tbh. Most people will still keep their ps4 unless game store all have trade in to get rid of it for the ps5. Just stop being lazy and plug back in your ps4 and play the damn old games.. seems like we're shifting the priorities to this nonsense instead of focusing resources in making better new gen games. BC is a good "ADDITION", it's not EVERYTHING. for god's sake. Every news i see about the ps5 is BC BC BC BC.

  7. jjay8319

    Dragonball tenkaichi budokai 2, battle arena toshinden1,2,3, ehirgiz, tobal no1, bloody roar, monster hunter from the ps2, parasite eve 1and 2, ridge racer, midnight creatures, well I could go on for days with this list but these are some of the games I want to play again.

  8. Avishek Saini

    I think Sony realized they made a mistake with PS3 Cell architecture and now they will use x86 for PS4, PS5 and PS6. I'm skipping PS5 generation because I expect Sony to release the PS6 in 2026 and it should be backwards compatible with PS4 & PS5

  9. 75ur15

    I can run psx and ALMOST ps2 games on my phone….that said I will likely never (in my lifetime) be able to reasonably run ps3 on it…..and many series I will lose access to (maybe outside pc emulators) unless they add the option i…syphon filter, final fantasy (granted they do keep re re releasing those), assassins creed, ace combat, metal gear solid….and so on

  10. NiGHTSnoob

    I mean I'm pretty sure I just am that 1.5% myself. I own an Xbox One X. I do not own any Xbox One games. I use it for Ninja Gaiden Black and 2 primarily, and a handful of other not Xbox One games.

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