Whats In My Drone/Camera Backpack 2019 Edition

Here is an updated “What’s In My Drone / Camera Bag” for 2019. I enjoy watching these types of videos to see what others like to take with them when flying their drones. This is my updated adventure kit for 2019, some new additions in this years kit. A lot of really great gear has been released in the last 6 months. Stay tuned as my next video is going to be my minimalist adventure travel kit. for when I need to pack light.

DJI Osmo Pocket:
DJI Mavic 2 Pro:
DJI Smart Controller:

Osmo Pocket ND Filters (USA)
Osmo Pocket ND Filters (CAN)

LowPro BP 250 Backpack (USA)
LowPro BP 250 Backpack (CAN)

Drone/GoPro Memory (USA)
Drone/GoPro Memory (CAN)

Portable TimeLapse Slider (USA)
Portable TimeLapse Slider (CAN)

WD 1TB Wireless Pro SSD (USA)
WD 1TB Wireless Pro SSD (CAN)

WD 3TB Wireless Pro (USA)
WD 3TB Wireless Pro (CAN)

GoPro Hero 7 Black (USA)
GoPro Hero 7 Black (CAN)

Insta360 One X (USA)
Insta360 One X (CAN)

Battery Handle (USA)
Battery Handle (CAN)

Extension Pole (USA)
Extension Pole (CAN)

Short USB-C Cable (USA)
Short USB-C Cable (CAN)

GoPro Fusion Grip (USA)
GoPro Fusion Grip (CAN)

GoPro Battery Charger (USA)
GoPro Battery Charger (CAN)

GoPro Chest Mount (USA)
GoPro Chest Mount (CAN)

GoPro Head Strap (USA)
GoPro Head Strap (CAN)

GoPro Floating Hand Grip (USA)
GoPro Floating Hand Grip (CAN)

GoPro Shorty (USA)
GoPro Shorty (CAN)

GoPro Remo Remote (USA)
GoPro Remo Remote (CAN)

Drone Landing Pad (USA)
Drone Landing Pad (CAN)

20 Replies to “Whats In My Drone/Camera Backpack 2019 Edition”

  1. DangerousDaveKincaid

    Wow, just had this bag along with the Lykus bag. I decided to go with the Lykus bag. I wanted something to fit my Moverio BT-35e glasses. I don't have the GoPro things but was able to fit everything into the bag along my landing pad that looks just like yours. The Lykus bag can be use like a shoulder bag or backpack and the configuration is similar to the DJI bag. Anyway it looks like you set up also really works to.. Oh it seamed like the smart controller when I tried to set up the LowPro bag it stuck up a little to high but the flap did close…

  2. HFXDronePilot Canada, NS, Halifax

    I have the exact same backpack lowpro bp250….using it to bring my drone to dominican republic next week feb 12. I see you also are going to DR next week cool. Where you going? Im going to PLAYABACHATA RESORT in PUERTO PLATA. This is my 1st time taking my drone down south. Have you done this before? I checked out and DR allows Drones and I also understand since my Mavic 2 zoom is only 2 pounds it doesnt need to be registered down there, I am registered up here with my own transport canada # that is mandatory come this June 2019

  3. Mountain Guys

    As a brand new drone owner I have to say that your videos are extremely helpful. I JUST got my Mavic 2 Pro today and have yet to fly it but these videos are a life saver for people like me. I was searching for a good hauling solution that actually fits the Smart Controller and this looks perfect.

    Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work!

  4. Anders Krogvig

    I'm debating getting the SSD or HDD version of the WD wireless pro. As you have both the SSD and HDD version: Do you know if there is an access time difference between the SSD and HDD when it comes to starting clips when browsing through clips in lumafusion? I would expect the SSD to start clips nearly instantly when looking through footage, while the HDD could have a longer delay. Any experience?

  5. Marco Maia Carneiro

    Nice setup! New to channel here, also bought an Osmo pocket and a Mavic 2 (zoom though), some of it due to your feedbacks. Coincidentally, I'm also going to Dominican Republic in a few weeks! Any spots you'd recommend checking out? Thanks for the video!

  6. Dinosaur Adventures

    Might have to share a link when I start doing some “adventure gear” videos on my channel. I have my own setups for what I do, and a similar type bag, but still different. Ever think about getting aluminum thumbscrews? Plastic ones tend to break on me so I started upgrading.

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