What’s Going On With the Chevy Bolt and the Opel Ampera-e?

Several Transport Evolved viewers have reached out to me to pass on the news that Opel Norway has been dragging its feet on the official European launch of the Opel Ampera-e — Opel’s rebadged Chevrolet Bolt EV. Indeed, after obtaining more than 4,000 interested customers — who signed up to buy an Opel Ampera E way back in September last year — Opel has just announced it will deliver just a few hundred Ampera Es in Europe this year, writing to the other three thousand seven hundred reservation holders that they won’t be getting their Ampera E until some time in twenty eighteen.

Why is this happening? And does it have anything to do with Chevrolet’s low volume sales for the Bolt EV?

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.

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36 Replies to “What’s Going On With the Chevy Bolt and the Opel Ampera-e?”

  1. Kevin Maher

    Just watched the video linked below. This guy says that GM has just temporarily shuttered it's production facilities as there are thousands of unsold Bolts in the US. I really do not understand their logic. An EV with a 200+ mile range already produced in thousands ahead of the Tesla Model 3 and they are not selling. Here's the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2ogGZXmepY

  2. dobromirmio

    Really a shame that automakers have EV technology well developed but keeping it locked in their warehouses or slowing its distribution due to the larger margins they are making on the petrol/diesel vehicles.. Can't wait to see Tesla reaching their targeted production plan for the model 3 and how the market might change drastically.

  3. mosfet500

    I agree Nikki, I think this buffoon in the WH has changed the game and I'm wondering if he had been in 8 years ago if GM would have made the Bolt at all. They don't advertise it much either which also leads me to believe selling it is not a priority.

    WE have the Bolt and it is a terrific car but in three years we just might be in a second gen Leaf or other long range EV.

  4. Arne Jungclaus

    how is the massmarket supposed to care about electric cars when you have no options? the ampera-e is fitting right in, bigger than i3 and Zoe smaller than leaf and model s and a high seatet crossover unlike model 3.
    what the hell is gm doing?

  5. TekReviews

    Does this surprise you? Ford doesn't even give a damn about the Focus EV and my sales guy never even told me about it when I bought the newest Focus which I wish I never did.. Should have kept my 2002 Civic which even at 110k miles was so quiet and the only thing I ever changed was the ECU because of a Factory Defect circuit board coating flaw on the ECU that Honda never issued a recall over. The Hyundai Ioniq EV is a BETTER EV car, loaded with features.

  6. Christian Libertarian

    It's funny saying how wonderful a company Tesla is, compared to GM. Tesla has yet to make a profit. On anything. It is simply burning through investor money. GM actually returns a dividend to investors. What is going to happen if 5 years? Don't know, but don't buy Tesla stock.

  7. Michael Goode

    If GM and the fossilsaurs are that stupid then let them keep their Bolt. The Renault Zoe and the new Nissan Leaf will move the european market and PSA Group will need to compete with a growing sector or lose more money. VAG will inevitably need to develop electric also so PSA stands to be the biggest loser in this neanderthal bun fight.

    Even without Tesla's influence in europe the legislators will ensure that EV's will become a significant success.

  8. David Nichols

    Car companies here in America, at least here in Texas, are not advertising the electric vehicle. Like you said, it seems like they are dragging their feet. They want to make all the money they can from oil/gas vehicles.

  9. Miles Smith

    I have an Ampere-e on order in Norway which should be delivered in 3 weeks. Now I'm wondering if it will be a very lonely little Opel here. Disappointing that they are not marketing or selling more of these cars, especially here in Norway were there is a huge demand for electric vehicles.

  10. Q Az

    for anyone who has watched the documentary "Who killed the electric car?" this is an exact repeat of history. So this is what we should expect from GM

  11. HairlessHare

    At the core of it lies GM's lack of a gigafactory. They can't make a profit on a 40k Bolt. and If they up the price they can't compete with Model S. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  12. Webchez

    I disappointingly fear that the whole electric car business is just a fad that is not catching on…  I OWN a Nissan leaf for almost 3 years and will only drive electric cars in the future…. That shows you how I feel about them…  HOWEVER, in the 3 years I have owned my car, I have seen no increase in the number of cars like mine on the roads, and no TV or print advertising of the Leaf or any other electric car.  Also, the Nissan and Chevy Bolt dealers near me do not stock them.  A dealer may have ONE for sale.  The Dealer level 2 battery chargers are broken or forgotten in the dealer parking lots, surrounded by other gas cars (so that you cannot use them).  This shows the level of priority they have for hospitality towards electric vehicle owners that would like to charge their cars…..  ANYWAY..  I agree completely that Chevy is only releasing a few cars in selected areas so that they do not have to make a lot of them.  I also think Tesla is going belly-up in the next few years because the world is not set up to embrace a small car company.  This is like the situations of the DeLorean, Bricklin, and Avanti cars….  I think the only viable EV (if they really want to push making them) is the Nissan Leaf…

  13. Don Little

    What happened to the Spark EV? I read a couple of reviews a while back and then… no more. I understand it was a fast one. One reviewer hit the accelerator at about 40 mph, and he got wheel spin!

  14. Theodore Schmidt

    You view the new GM as though it is the old GM locked into high wages and ridiculous retirement plans that made them make bad decisions. The company is now run by engineers not bean counters. Passion is back as evidenced by the new product that is top notch. Whatever gets people worked up sells news and video views. Right?!??

  15. quinto190

    Actually, I prefer the look of the GM Bolt over the others. They did a good gob with that. It's sad to see another of those bad management decisions, GM is already so famous for…

  16. quinto190

    With the the sale of Opel to PSA, GM has effectively bought itself out of the European market. At least for Germany I can say that – no GM presence anywhere. Now it depends on PSA, what they want to do with the Opel Ampera.

  17. Adrian King

    GM are fools for not considering the right hand drive world when it came to the Bolt and it seems they are making a right hash of the car's fate anyway when it comes to it's future for those who might see them in their showrooms. I don't know how well it's been marketed abroad but this akin to EV1 seems to illustrate that GM's development group for EV's and it's bosses are at opposite poles. This company clearly could have been a real force, maybe even leaders once when it came to bringing BEV's to the masses as direct replacements for ICE vehicles. Instead they're devolving and will be eventually consigned to history..

  18. Eric Babu

    Gm has never been interested in EVs Remember the EV1? way before Tesla but lack of seriousness has kept them behind this trend. The future may not be very friendly to GM.

  19. Ed Arenz

    To ramp up significant EV volume you would need massive battery production capacity. No one currently has that but Tesla. At this point other manufacturers would have to source batteries from Tesla. What do you think Elon would charge, if indeed he deigned to provide batteries to them at all?

  20. SuperMadpom

    That's a damn shame – it's a good looking quick practical car with a good range I'd have given a RHD one serious consideration. I need to get a few more miles out of my MK1 Insight now before trading it in against a Second hand BMWi3 Rex or a newer 33kwh BEV i3. Charging infrastructure is in its infancy in NZ. No MK2 Volts in NZ either and just a handfull of MK1 Volts ever sold here.

  21. Vi King

    More than 4000 is waiting for their Opel Ampera-e in Norway. Today a purchase means delivery in 2019. So, another importer has now started to offer the Chevy Bolt that is easily obtainable in the US.

  22. Roger Tocchetto

    I suppose GM doesn't feel motivated to sell Bolts in Europe considering the sale to PSA. I also think GM is still probably saving units with government incentive to days where electric vehicles will actually be profitable

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