What will happen After Gaming Consoles Die? | Will Consoles Die?

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This video talks about what I fell will happen to consoles in the future! Will they Die? Will they continue to grow? How will PC gaming effect consoles in the future? All these questions are topics that aren’t talked about that much, but you all need to understand that consoles have been on a decline lately. Gaming is becoming so advanced, that consoles may not be able to keep up. Let me know in the comments down below if you think consoles will stick around for decades to come! I hope you all like the video!

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28 Replies to “What will happen After Gaming Consoles Die? | Will Consoles Die?”

  1. Casket

    Impossible to get a PS5 due to scalpers. I believe Sony is going to lose a lot of people to PC’s because of this issue. I’m seriously thinking of just getting a decent PC than pay for an over priced PS5

  2. Gulshan Chhugani

    listen man i understand but think of another view once
    FPS shooter games
    But now think of other games
    infamous second son=console
    and think of the price a pc proccessor is a price of a 1 tb console im just saying man

  3. Max Freeman

    I made a vow that the Xbox X will be my last and final console before becoming a PC gamer, I am very tired of these servers shutting down and paying $60 for EVERY game plus pay a monthly subscription each month for online play. I’M JUST DOME, too much stress

  4. AWDTH1111

    I don't necessarily believe consoles will "die" as much as I believe they will become one with PC's. The problem with console is they are utilizing future technology at a snails pace and still relying on obsolete tech like disk drives. The problem with PC is they are still too complex for the average Joe and the compatibility issues are still too annoying and time consuming to fix for most people. I think the console becoming more advanced and the PC becoming more simplistic with better ease of use will bridge the gap in the future. Exclusives I believe (I hope) will be a thing of the past, similar to movies and music being played on every device, unless subscription services become the gaming future.

  5. The Mars Man

    I think all technology we have now will die off PCs look old no matter what you do and consoles do the same we are getting bored now with tech can only imagine what future generations will want

  6. Mike T

    I would argue more on the side that consoles don't really make money any more. How are you gonna make a hi spec system under 300-400 dollars? A lot of companies lose money on the console but gain it back on Pay to play online or 60+ dollar games. But even 60 dollar games are starting to become over priced. As opposed to a pc your not paying for online and a lot of games you can get on sale so after a year or so you've really saved more money then if you had a console

  7. veteran0121

    The same tired old argument I hear from console loyalists again and again is consoles are just easier to use.  That might have been true a decade ago at the latest.  PCs just give you more freedom.  All consoles do is restrict your options.  I think they're a rip-off nowadays.  The WiiU was a disaster.  I spent 300 bones on a box that sits under my TV collecting dust because I thought the next great Zelda game would come out for it.  As it stands now I feel like I wasted my money.  I never get that feeling with my PC.  I can always find something on Steam worth playing and the prices are much better as well.

  8. xboxgamer

    Gaming will evolve but I don't see the Console becoming obsolete. The Console will evolve too. The PC favours the K/M, anyone using a controller on a PC, especially in first person shooters without aim assist will get owned. PC gaming is restrictive if you use K/M. Console gamers adopt a more relaxed style of gameplay. Yeah you can use a Xbox One Controller or PS4 Controller but like I say it wont be an even playing field.

  9. Tyler Gesselman

    Love your videos. Keep em coming man.

    I am a huge fan of console gaming, and I think that a lot of PC players look at consoles, and since they are up to snuff graphically with current PC rigs. Consoles have one thing going for them, if they lose this, then it is over for them. That's ease of use.

    The set-up required for PS4 was that I plugged in the HDMI cable to the TV and the power cable to the wall. Everything else I needed was already there for me. PC gives you tons of options for you to work/play however you want, and that is its ultimate crutch right now. Constantly working with driver updates, being unsure of whether your game will work on your PC, All while using an input system with like 60 buttons depending on what you have.

    The PS4 takes all of the thinking out of it, and just says "here are the games. Play the games" The rest of it stays out of your way. If they keep that mindset moving forward, then its unlikely that they will die out, and will always have substantial place in the gaming community.

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