What We’re Expecting at the TESLA SEMI EVENT!!

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32 Replies to “What We’re Expecting at the TESLA SEMI EVENT!!”

  1. Patti Lacey

    My guess is coffee because people will always need it when driving and it is a social drink. I want to see how the doors work on the Roadster but I want to know more about the specs of
    Model Y.

  2. Derek

    So many options for the secret surprise for the event. Would love to see a larger battery pack for the models out now, but seeing a charging rate of 5 minutes or less would be amazing. Wouldn't mind seeing a pick up though!

  3. Jim Whitehead

    Crazy Idea: What if the new roadster has 4 wheels in the back for massive power, just like a smaller semi, and comes with a detachable rear end cart on wheels for loads? So a new roadster can also become the pickup truck? They would get 2-for-1.

  4. Michael Mara

    Finally, not only should all Super Charging locations have shade canopies covered with solar panels but all parking lots in general should have them. All equipped with battery storage and EV charge points. Power for charging, power for the grid and shade for the car. It’s a win, win, win!
    I live in Phoenix, AZ and it drives me crazy that that this city / state doesn’t tap into all this solar. It is called ‘The Valley of the Sun’ after all!

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