What It’s Like To Drive The $29,995 Chevy Bolt EV!

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33 Replies to “What It’s Like To Drive The $29,995 Chevy Bolt EV!”

  1. Chadwick Chevannes

    If the Chevy Bolt and the Volt switch body styles i would buy it. I live in Texas where there is no 7,500 tax credit and i will definitely get a Tesla which is a true 40,000 car. Thanks for the effort Chevy but i don't think you honestly want to sell EVs building cars for 40,000 that looks like the Bolt.

  2. John Smith

    I am very interested in the EV and watching its progress. However for now they are just not practical based on cost and ability. They need to get the prices down to at least the same range as a gas model of same size which would be at least half what they are asking now. For instance I have a Corolla that I paid out the door around 16,000 dollars. Second they need to get the range up to at least 500 miles using full heat or air. Third they need to get the charging times down to around 10 to 15 minutes max empty to full charge. Hopefully in 2 to 5 years they will have this all worked out because right now they are little more then an over priced impractical toy.

  3. 1rgam3r

    Sport mode will give you more instant torx and that quick acceleration. My wife has an older Volt and we love it. This looks like a great progression from the Spark.

    We prefer the hybrid so we can go on extended trips, but this model makes it more than a modest commuter.

    Did you have the hard tires on that model or are those standard tires you have on there? If the latter, how did that impact your range?

    Great review. Thanks!

  4. Steve Wilcox

    Why have electric seats? Another power drain an electronic circuit to fail and cause a short? I for one could do without that option in Florida nix the heated anything and now you're talking.

  5. ClickToPreview

    Prii also have the harder braking regeneration "paddle"… it's called the B gear that no one uses but me, cuz I'm ultra conservative and actually understand the brilliant built-in tech of a Prius.

  6. ClickToPreview

    A used 2008-2009 Toyota Prius is STILL a better value (I own THREE). Bigger trunk space too. It'll be a decade or more before these full ev Bolts are even worth buying because blowing $30 grand up front makes for a looooong payback time when you compare it to a good used Prius. But hey, if you've got the cash and don't put 160 miles a day on your car like I do… DO IT cuz it IS pretty swank.

  7. Lawrence Stanley

    Affordable? Oh, I long for the long-gone days when you could buy a new vehicle for $10,000… I doubt that will ever happen again, and since costs only go up while salaries do not, I'll never own a new one. Well, maybe someone will wreck one, and maybe I can afford that one.

  8. dan3nad

    they need to improve the range to around 400-500 miles,, have wireless charging,, like a pad you can put in garage or drive way, so when you park your car over it it will charge it in minutes not all night!! in the near future I can see that happening .. shit id buy one now if they can make it like this

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