What is the best iPhone ever?

Apple has been releasing iPhones for over 11 years now, and while they’ve made a lot of mistakes they’ve also done a lot of things right. Which is iPhone is the best ever?
What is the worst iPhone ever?
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27 Replies to “What is the best iPhone ever?”

  1. Noodle Train

    In my eyes, the iPhone 4 was the best “retro” iPhone, and the XR is the best iPhone in general. It’s at an agreeable price range, and it does at least everything that I need in a phone. Well that’s just my opinion. *I also love the colors it comes with

  2. Anonymous

    I 100% agree with you I have five iPhone 5s's all Jailbroken on different versions iOS 8,9,10,11, and 12 it's a really good phone and it had a really good run, to bad it's not gonna be updated to iOS 13 though, but that being aside its cheap and efficient, on eBay you can find a 5s for 60$, and don't you ever forget about the design of the phone, Apple should really take in consideration of having there iPhones look flat on the edges like they did with the new iPad pro, but wrapping up my opinion the iPhone 5s is a very good phone and all you motherfuckers who call it slow or outdated your wrong.

  3. Powerage Scott

    Moro g7 power… Two and a half days battery life. Think about the hypothetical, would you rather have a Rolls Royce with a one gallon petrol tank or a Toyota with a twenty gallon tank. Bells and whistles won’t get you far on a dead battery.

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