What is Sony Android TV

Android and Sony have teamed up to bring you Android TV. Join GetConnected host Andy Baryer as he shows you how it works at CES 2015 in Las Vegas!

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14 Replies to “What is Sony Android TV”

  1. gunnarMyTube

    Well Gmail is on phones so just a matter of some app porting and it´ll be on your TV. This TV set has a full Android platform, it´s just that apps need to be released in Android TV compatible modes so they can take advantage of the big screen. With time you are going to see this. The platform is in there already. Sony needs to consider offering a  Logitech Revue style keyboard for the best app experience. With backlit keys.

  2. Mr livermanx

    So disappointing – I was expecting a full android platform – That's to say I switch on the TV and click a button and it takes me to the android menu just like on a tablet within seconds.   That's a smart TV.   Multi  systems in one devices with one wall socket. If it takes me more then 15 seconds to navigate then Its not smart and not of use. Time is everything and this system of Android  TV is a little step upwards from the current rubbish internet tv.  Lesson: Youtube know that if you make viewers wait to see contents over Ads they will move on to another video hence the ad skip feature . Capture my attention within 15 seconds and if you fail I'll move on. Speed is everything as Time is precious to us all.
    The TV maker who integrates a PC into a TV with speed of use will make a smart TV so glade I haven't fell for this new version like I did with Sharp Aquos so call smart internet tv.

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