What Happens When You Put a Foreign Disc in an Xbox Series X??

The Xbox Series X is finally here, and I’ve been getting tons of requests for this video, so here it is. We’re gonna be seeing what happens when you put a foreign disc in an Xbox Series X?? By the way… what do you think the console looks more like – a refrigerator or a brick??

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40 Replies to “What Happens When You Put a Foreign Disc in an Xbox Series X??”

  1. super matty maker

    … Ive been watching a fair few of these videos and not trying to be offensive or upset others but Im really not too sure how 175 thousand have subscribed, a good 50%ish of the facts are misleading wrong!
    The name at the top of the current XBox’s games have absolutely nothing to do with developers, literally hitting Google for a few seconds will answer everything, just guessing or outputting total b**s** seems to be the norm here! As I mention above the XBox logo at the top of current XBox game boxes has absolutely nothing to do with the developers and is infact part of Microsofts huge all in one advertising/marketing strategy.
    And putting in games from a different consoles/platforms will obviously not work!!…
    Do we need 20minuets to discover that, surely this isn’t a question guys and gals ask in 2021… is it?…
    Am I really that old(very early 80’s) Im blown away if this really is a question that needs asking??…

    “I assume this works(regular DVD disc in SeriesX), were so advanced in technology what with 4K Blu-Rays etc” “Blu-Rays are backwards compatible with DVD(players)”

    really… seriously… people really need to no if a PlayStation2 disc/game will work in a SeriesX console…
    As I said don’t mean to sound ’trolly or disrespectful’ but surly, surly all this is obvious is it not?!…

  2. PoorDude2244

    Hey can u give me a series x please because I never had a console in 19 yrs so can I have that please but I can't get a job or work because I'm disable so please let me have a Xbox series x.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😰

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