What Happens When You Put A Drone In a Vacuum? Can It Still Fly?

In this video I put a drone in a vacuum to see if it can still fly. I talk about how drones need air to fly unlike rockets. Then I put the drone in the vacuum and as I’m sucking out the air I try to fly the drone.As the air is removed the drone cannot create lift and it is grounded. Then as I let the air back in the drone lifts off. Then I show how a rocket (my balloon) can still fly in a vacuum.

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43 Replies to “What Happens When You Put A Drone In a Vacuum? Can It Still Fly?”

  1. The Action Lab

    Hi everyone, I saw some questions that I thought I would answer.

    1. Rockets work in space. Period. They actually work better in space than in the atmosphere. There are a surprising amount of people that think this is not the case. The best way to explain it is to think of a setting off a bomb next to a baseball in space. Do you think the baseball would move? Of course it would. The expanding gas pushes things away. This is the same as a rocket, there is a controlled explosion at the back of the rocket that is pushing it away. You don't need walls or an atmosphere for an explosion to happen. Hot gas expands in space and in the atmosphere.

    2. The balloon started out with less volume when I started. It expanded under the vacuum to the volume you saw. This took several takes to get it right without it popping. The balloon is comparable to a rocket in the fact that it expels high pressure gas. A rocket doesn't need a big volume because it gets it's high pressure gas from chemical reactions of the rocket fuel, but they both work by shooting high pressure gas out the back.

    3. Of course I knew that the drone wouldn't fly in the vacuum. But it is really fun to do things that science predicts, but you have never seen in real life. That is why I made this video. Nothing solidifies a scientific principle than seeing it with your own eyes. If you think people knew the answer to the rocket question, I suggest reading through the comments and seeing how many people think/thought that rockets couldn't fly in a vacuum.

    4. Thanks for watching!

  2. Mark Goldman

    The problem with this experiment is that the drone could not make it's own atmosphere. The balloon did makes it's own atmosphere. Now, imagine it being in the supposed "interstellar" vacuum of space ( 3.93×10-7 Mercury ) and not some small vacuum chamber. How about doing the same experiment and leave the vacuum pump on this time?

  3. gaifanas awa

    Hello, I love your videos, but in this particular video you haven't proved that rockets can be propelled in space. I am not a flat earther but I love physics. It is common knowledge that Nasa incorporates O2 in their fuel and it is a fact that that particular fuel can ignite in a vacuum environment. But when it comes to propulsion, the issue I have with your experiment is that it proves nothing in that respect. The reason you are able to propel the balloon is that the air rushing out of the balloon is going against the wall of the chamber. Thank you for your time, I hope you reply

  4. Mark Allen Snow

    But the resistance of gravity still allows the model to move on the ground at least.. how would that work in space? Also.. your experiment fails because the side of your chamber provides the RESISTANCE to give thrust.. something you wouldn't find in space is the side of your vacuum chamber to push against.

  5. eduardo acosta

    I'm pretty sure that when u let air out of balloon the air of balloon filled up vacuum chamber giving balloon medium to move about.. if you did that same experiment in a much bigger and stronger vacuum the balloon would have no medium to push off of leaving the balloon motionless..

  6. RipDaBeast

    you're a moron, you don't seem to understand Newton's 3rd law…the balloon was flying around that box because it is in a closed environment and the air coming out of the balloon has something to push against.

  7. BlooneesTV

    Rockets don't work in space period. Might get a movement off an object nearby by hitting it with a propellants force but the void would buffer most if not all of the force put out. But have they actually gotten into space or is it a construct of that which we have had laid before us………Mmmmmmm I used to believe but the further I look into it the more it sucks.

    Now wait for the attacks to put me down………..Expected and always happens. LOL.

  8. hari septiari

    Drone Still can move (not fly) because resistance in the ground or wall… if drone too loong from resistance wall or ground in vacuum… drone cannot move again… so drone only can move becase resistance ground…

  9. merlin 13

    INCORRECT. The balloon actually ejected its air out against the side wall (action/reaction) that was so obvious. Rockets in the vacuum of space dont have the benefit of a glass wall (action/vacuum/no reaction), how did you miss that? Please leave the serious experiments to more qualified people.

  10. Susan Newman

    I want to add to my previous comment. What you showed with balloon was a release of air pressure. The air pressure from the balloon pushed against the side wall of the box, which made it move. No box, no movement!!! LOL. Plus you did not remove much pressure from the container because the balloon had no shrinkage as we would expect if you removed the atmosphere. You barely ran compressor.


    You still have to have air to steer the rocket/space shuttle. It’s all fake! We’ve never been to the moon and people need to focus here on earth and care about your fellow man instead of the cosmos. FYI, there is NO space anyway. It’s all a lie… for your money and worship!

  12. J. Ryder

    The air leaving the balloon was pushing off the walls of the vacuum. You're completely overriding logic and your own visual observations. You saw that flies couldn't fly in your vacuum, and the drone couldn't either. The air escaping the balloon had a greater thrust than the propellers of the drone so the close proximity of the walls in your vacuum was sufficient enough resistance needed for it to fly. If we could get an inflated balloon to remain in the middle of a vacuum 40 times larger than yours, it would've hardly moved position before falling to the bottom. Last point: Your vacuum is NOWHERE near the perfect vacuum of space. You cannot thrust off of "nothing" (aka an absolute vacuum) Period. It's not debatable. It's actually obvious but you have to disregard it because you can't fathom the idea that space flight is a lie and has never happened.

  13. V S

    such a liar… a balloon RUPTURES in a vacuum so obviously it wasn't in one dumb bitch… so that's your m.o? truth mixed with lies, no wonder you don't show your face or you'd be shot by now.

    Don't listen to action lab cunts. +1200 Proofs The Earth IS FLAT AND STATIONARY: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154336777284536 #asstronotsarestupid #paidactors #SPACEISFAKE #ResearchFlatEarth #wakeuppeople #globehead #globeheads #nasalies #UnitedNations #WorldHealthOrganization #InternationalCivilAviationOrganization #WorldMeteorologicalOrganization #InternationalMaritimeOrganization ALL USE FLAT EARTH MAPS!! #WEKNOWEarthisFLAT #truthisunstoppable #earthisflat #wakeup #sheeple #sheeplerescue #simplelogic #useyourbrain #flatearth #flatearthresearch #FE4L #FlatEarth4Life #TopGoogleTrend for 2 Years and Rising.

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