What Happens When The Nissan Leaf Battery Runs Out | Dos and Donts | How To Handle

This video is a documentary about how our Nissan Leaf battery ran out and how we handled it. This was the first time after owning the Nissan Leaf for a year that it happened. We have don’t a lot of things wrong in this video, so if you want to buy a Nissan leaf or an electric car this is good to watch.
The biggest mistake that we made was that when the turtle comes on on the screen you need to stop the car. Here is why: The Nissan lead will activate the handbrakes somehow and it will not have enough electricity in the battery to release the breaks.
If we stop when the turtle comes on we could have pushed the car to a neighbours garage and just recharge the batteries a little bit and all would have been fine.
Now the battery was so flat that when the tower came he had to charge the batteries for like 10 min just to have enough electricity to release the handbrakes and that the car could be towed.

Luckily it is completely covered in the Nissan Leaf insurance that they tow the car if the battery runs flat. I believe that it is in any electric cars insurance that they tow the car free of charge when you run out.
This is very good to know if you are planning on buying an all electric car or an EV.

I want to stress that we are extremely happy with our Nissan Leaf and that this whole situation could have been avoided if I just drive in Eco mode or am just a bit more careful with the battery. We had full AC and heating on and so on.

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45 Replies to “What Happens When The Nissan Leaf Battery Runs Out | Dos and Donts | How To Handle”

  1. Jose Servin

    What was the percentage on the battery when it didn't showed the range?? And if you where to have leaf spy, how many kilowatt hours remain in the pack. I got my leaf all the way to 8 percent and had 1.2 Kwhrs remaining on my battery, which currently holds 12.3 Kwhrs when 100 percent full.

  2. Nancy Bernal

    Lol I had the same situation my Leaf dead on me when I was so close to home. I did the same thing, asked someone if I can plug my car into their wall outlet. But it the afternoon & raining!

  3. mel o shea o

    Borrowed my friends electric car at 69% drovers 30 km then battery went dead went into eco mode went into 30 mode when it says it had 20 km left I think it's only had about 15 are 10 km left

  4. Mike Servis

    People like you probably run out of gas in the boondocks too. My advice would be to forget about becoming a private pilot. If you run out of fuel at 8,000 ft you're in big trouble

  5. Lars Henrik Jensen

    I using ECO With B mode and turn off everything pulling out juice, and hypermiling under 30 km/h and never going empty for juice so far.

    But I have other issue cant charge the car from fastchargers or even schuko (type 1) if SoC is below 50%. And need everytime to manually charge the 12V battery With a fossil car… Changed 12V battery and that not helps at all. Next car is not a Nissan.

  6. Andy K.

    I strongly dislike the oversized A-pillars. More than one close call with pedestrians and other cars at intersections. I can put 100,000 miles on a motorcycle, but have too many close calls with the Leaf. Otherwise a comfortable daily around town car.
    I'm begging Nissan to redesign the front of the Leaf.

  7. ShR33k

    I have a Leaf – excellent cars! I've only ever had turtle mode once in the year & half of owing it – but luckily I made it home. I didn't realise how close I was to complete shutdown! Great video! Hope the wife forgives you 🙂

  8. Murat Erkocevic

    Sorry for your trouble, hopefully you will plan better…
    Thanks for sharing your experience, very educational.
    I have been driving my LEAF for 4 years in Colorado, 51000 miles, and the battery still indicates 12 bars – Great car, both during cold winter & hot summer.
    I have been always planning my trips, so never ended up stranded (yet).

  9. Carol Gardner

    We loved both our 2013 and 2016 Leafs, but the new one has a longer range. It is a nice peace of mind to have a longer range. My husband tells people who ask if he is afraid he will run out power, if they are afraid they will run out of gas! I think he thinks everyone should drive ev. Got a kick out of your video, I would have probably been mad at my husband too.

  10. hashem hashemi

    My commute to work is just 5 Miles, and they have cheap level-2 charging there, so I've gotten used to cutting it pretty close at least once a week. You can press the console button to hide the "low battery" comment and show the actual remaining percentage down to 6%. My 2013 Leaf hasn't shown battery degradation due to regularly doing this – I don't know where the folklore about letting li-ion discharge too much comes from. The last 20% charge on high end (above 80%) diffidently takes longer though (always has), so I just avoid it.

  11. Richard Andrews

    Shouldn't you rename the title, how I purposely ran out of battery for my Nissan Leaf? Seems like a lot of people don't seem to understand you did this on purpose. Also, you should have paid for the tow.

  12. burropoco

    Eureka! I've had an epiphany. Electric car runs on electricity, no electricity it stops. Diesel car runs on diesel, no diesel it stops. Petrol car runs on petrol, no petrol it stops. Human body runs on food and water, no food and water it stops.

  13. David Brown

    Wow you guys are living in a different world to me . I drive a Jaguar XJ diesel which does 55 mpg when cruising at 70 mph and has 1000 miles range on a full tank . I get anxious and fill up when the range drops to 100 miles. I don't have to plug it in at night , and second hand it cost less than a new Leaf. When electric car range gets to 600 miles, the batteries last the life of the car and I can recharge in 5 minutes I will definitely switch to electric. But in the meantime…Thanks for pioneering and the entertaining video!

  14. flitsies

    Here's an idea, if you are going to run the car down to empty why not carry a small generator so you could at leave put some juice back in to get  you to a charger.

    There are some guys on youtube that have experimented with small generators so you can try one then keep it with  you with a gallon of fuel in it, just for emergencies, but remember fuel goes off after a long while.

  15. Nick's DIY

    Hey I think this is a good test. These things should be designed to be idiot proof (not calling you an idiot) but you tested it to that point. It's a good education for Nissan, there should never be not enough energy that the emergency features like the parking brake should stop functioning.

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