What happened to the Glory Days Of Xbox Live?

What happened to the golden era Xbox Live? Back on the Xbox 360 there was a whole community build around Xbox Live in the golden glory day’s. How did the old Xbox Live community around Halo and Call of Duty die?

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23 Replies to “What happened to the Glory Days Of Xbox Live?”

  1. The Awesome Brothers

    One time I was 7 I had a friend that I met on Saints Row 2 we had such a good time and you play it everyday eventually he got an Xbox one after like a year or 2 he played that everyday and in between that two years he played one last time he said "Alright man, I gtg. Goodbye I'll see you tomorrow." We haven't done anything since… D.J, if youre out there. I want to you to know. I really miss you and us playing together everyday, I hope you live a good and happy life. Goodbye my homeslice.
    (Btw I teared up writing this)

  2. huns

    I think what really made Xbox so memorable and hard to forget was how new it was. Nobody had a platform like it to meet and quarrel with people you did and didn't know. The games were a part of it, but the generations that started on the Xbox and Xbox 360 just took advantage of it in ways that no next generation will understand. The world has changed subtly since 2005-11, we were just making the absolute best out of something already so great.

  3. Aaron

    I remember on the Xbox 360, every game that had party chat, EVERYONE was talking in the lobby, and people socialized and there were 1,000,000 kids that had dads that worked at Microsoft. Nowadays, when I hop on to halo 5, or destiny 2, NO one talks, it is dead silent. It’s sad to see the old communities go.😢

  4. Enemy AC-130 Above

    Yeah, the XB1 really killed the social aspect of XBL, plus CoD starting removing forced gamechat for modes like SnD (which is where I met friends that I still play with to this day), resulting in radio silence in lobbies. We need more bullying, kids are becoming too soft these days.

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