What Happened to OnePlus?

It is possible to outgrow your original intentions.
OnePlus and enthusiast brands vs their inevitable change…
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
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30 Replies to “What Happened to OnePlus?”

  1. Amir Kamalati

    OnePlus have a horrendous technical and customer support. Their technical support people don't know anything about phones.
    They also don't tell you that some or all of their phones don't connect to 5 G with most UK service providers. The 5G on my 8Pro only works with 3 and EE networks in the UK.
    I am sorry I ever bought it.

  2. Akshaj Goel

    I am a fanboi cause the phone I have right now is a OP 5 and I love it so much and I all I wanted my future phones to be were OnePlus phones I think this video changed my mind I mean i still like their products but I have starting liking other products as well

  3. Vikash kumar

    People I think we need to start a movement against OnePlus.. atleast for the ones who spent so much buying.. OnePlus 6 7 and.. 8 series..
    Let's come together.. and pressurise them.. so that atleast they provide stable.. updates in future..

  4. Cristaliana Ivor

    I'm not fangirling for 1+, I was just glad that there was this fair priced phone that was very powerful.
    Now I need to look for another company if I need another phone again 💔

    1+1 1+3t 1+5 😔

  5. JannyUK

    Loved OnePlus but a part of me wants to change to a different brand but I'm not sure what brand I'd go for. I like Oxygen OS. I have a OP6T and haven't had any issues with the phone but it's definitely hard for me to think about what phone to buy next.

  6. LAV PRE

    I really liked one plus 3t when I bought it at the end of 2018 and the thing that I liked about it is its battery discharges really after a loooong time but now even after replacing it with a new battery it is unable to sustain charge even for just a couple of hours. Turns out it is because of their software update.

  7. Stefsinn

    I just recently bought my first OnePlus phone (the 8T) and the sensation of switching from a Galaxy S9+ to this is pretty incredible.
    With a roster of phones this popular in the custom ROM scene I dont see how the merge of Oppo and Oneplus is going to be a problem. The prices of all phones have been steadily creeping upwards over the years. Thech in general has been following that trend in fact. Just look at desktop GPUs for a moment.

    To me it comes to no surprise and you would probably be a fool anyways to go out and buy the latest an greatest available. My OnePlus 8T cost about 410,- € which is an almost 50% price drop, one year after release.
    Also, I don't get people lamenting over the lack of wireless charging. These guys cheap out on the initial fee for the hardware only to charge it for way longer at about 50% efficiency of wired charging which in the lifespan of 5 years will add up significantly to your electricity bill but sadly none of the reviewers and Fan boys mentions that, not even briefly. People tend to make uneducated choices and then point their finger towards the evil manufacturer as if they are responsible for their stupid decisions. Accept that change is the only constant in life and there are some things you just can't afford. Plan ahead, save up and then pick a flagship of yesteryear. No problem.

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