What Game Delays Mean For Xbox Series X and PS5 Launches | Generation Next

On this premiere episode of Generation Next, we discuss the implications of Halo Infinite being delayed into 2021, having to pay extra to upgrade current gen games for new consoles, as well as discuss the best games you need to play before next gen rolls around.

This is Generation Next, GameSpot’s dedicated show all about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Each week we’ll be digging deeper into the biggest news stories, chatting to developers making games for the new consoles, and just getting really dang excited about the future of gaming.

This week, the gang (Lucy James, Xbox Xpert Jordan Ramée, and PlayStation Pro Tamoor Hussain) tackle Halo Infinite’s last-minute delay to 2021, Xbox Series X’s release window, and having to pay to upgrade current gen games to next gen.

They also discuss the best games you need to play before next gen rolls around. And yes, obviously Tamoor picked Bloodborne. Join us every Friday on youtube.com/GameSpot for more Generation Next!

00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Xbox Series X Confirmed For November, Halo Infinite Delayed To 2021
06:50 – Control Next-Gen Upgrade Only Comes With The Ultimate Edition
12:25 – Games You Should Play Before Next Gen
23:20 – Outro

38 Replies to “What Game Delays Mean For Xbox Series X and PS5 Launches | Generation Next”

  1. TechRyze

    Microsoft have managed to make another mess somehow, despite having great hardware!

    Surely they should be making loads of noise about launch titles by now?

    Not good at all

  2. J.G

    This video is like a Bad Punch line to a terrible joke , a Terrorist , a Black man & a white British women walk into a BAR ….. all while GameSpot un-jokingly is Absolutely the WORST gaming new agency in the market . Now it's evidently clear just why that is

  3. Thunder Lopez

    Does it make since to upgrade to a series x right away I don’t think so it may scare off some ppl that not many AAA games are coming at launch but this is my take on it …

    Xbox has acquired 13 studios over the past few years we have seen a few things from a couple of studios so far obsidian has been hard at work pushing out nearly three games outer worlds with new dlc coming the world builder can’t think of the name right now the one in the garden and it’s actually fun excited to see more and play more also avowed but other then that right now you will be buying a powerful console to play third party games they may not look better but could potentially run at higher frames on Xbox and you are buying into the fact that these studios are all working on different games a lot could potentially be new IPS Microsoft is currently behind it terms of game exclusives but they knew they would be but allowing the studios the time to develop these games is going to pay off

  4. D-T-C

    Microsoft needs to have a early access multiplayer for Halo infinite that’s free and next year you have the full game with more modes and graphic improvements

  5. BiGG X01

    HALO is NOT the deciding factor for XSX. There are other reasons why I will buy a XSX. I dont even care about HALO. IF HALO is the only deciding factor, then XBOX wouldnt even be making a next gen system.

  6. Gürer Özdil

    It means 2021 will be the year of Current Gen as Next Gen won't be having much to offer. If only Metroid Prime 4 could make it till the end of 2021. Hopefully Shironeko New Project will make it instead.
    Games You Should Play Before Next Gen:
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…
    Granblue Fantasy: Relink
    Tales of Arise
    Scarlett Nexus
    Project Re Fantasy
    Babylon's Fall

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