What Console Should You Buy? – March 2018

It is now March 2018! There are several different consoles that you can buy! What console should I buy? Watch the video to see which console is the best fit for you!

PS4 Pro –
Xbox One X –
Xbox One S –
Nintendo Switch –

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PS4 Pro Review:

Nintendo Switch Review:

Gear Used for this video:
Canon EOS 70D
Rode VideoMic Go
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

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27 Replies to “What Console Should You Buy? – March 2018”

  1. Slugs Com

    Seeming as my parents have split up, consoles have been a problem with accessibility between me and my brother. In our houses we have each of the 4 consoles and i can happily say the switch suits me the best because i can take the thing to and from their houses.

  2. Weeb God

    i go for all of them but if i only had the money for one id chose all 3 last gens plus a original ds and a ps2 for being best playstation but if i had to pick a favourite next gen it would be switch

  3. Drew Biggah

    PlayStation is garbage Nintendo is a joke and the S is cool but if u have the money def get the X… Had a ps4 pro and that shit is worthless and don't games r all boring single player shit… Pretty much get whatever ur friends play.. But all sonys "good" games r single player and the xbox is much better for co op players… But I just got the X yesterday and this thing is beautiful now I'm looking into getting a 4K monitor but still don't know which one to get.

  4. Eric Renteria

    When I bought the switch I had buyers remorse at first but a few weeks later I can’t leave home with out it! I always put in backpack ? along with my keys, wallet and phone ? so I never forget it or leave without it!

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