Wemo mini setup And troubleshooting (using Android phone for Demo)

This video shows simple setup and basic usage of the product, while evaluating some smart home solutions.

Some Video notes:
The video shows basic setup of a Wemo Mini.

During setup, the Wemo connected to one network while the Phone (and Wemo App) connected to another network. So, the Wemo started showing an image of a Wemo Switch and it was taking 2-3 seconds to control the Switch (instead of instantaneous). I think I see this kinda slower response times when I am connected to a network and the app things that is is not the local network. So, to recover, just kill the app and launch it on the same network as the Wemo and Disable Remote Access – this seem fix the issue. However, if you are someone who uses the App via remote, make sure you enable it again.

Troubleshooting Steps:
1. Anytime the Wemo disconnects from the Router, it should blink Orange LED on the Wemo hardware. In this case, reboot the Wemo and check if it connects back. If it happens again, it could be some settings on the router the Wemo doesn’t like (like the Channel setting or the distance from the Wemo). Changing it could fix the issue.
2. If it is not blinking then the network is fine and it could be the app that is stuck in some weird state. Connect the app and launch it on the same network as the Wemo and Disable Remote Access. Go back to Devices tab and check if this fixes the issue.
3. In most cases, it is the #2 above that caused an issue. I figured this out when I checked my ‘Network’ section of Windows PC and noticed that the Wemo was available. Even a ping to the Wemo’s IP proved that it was available, although the Wemo App doesn’t show it.

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    Im up to the part where I connect to my home wifi. It says connecting, the wemo mini light turns off and it says no connection to the wemo mini could be made. Any help>?

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