WeMo Insight Switch Review – Claim vs. Performance

A review of the WeMo Insight Switch and performance against product claims. Includes a demonstration of the WeMo app, rules, and use with IFTTT and Amazon Echo.

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4 Replies to “WeMo Insight Switch Review – Claim vs. Performance”

  1. SafeHomeorg

    I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  2. Lennox1492

    Get the Belkin Wemo light switch. It's the one that replaces your wall light switch. Wemo has the weirdest names for their devices. Plug, switch etc.
    I love how with the switch you can control your lighting from your phone anywhere. It also integrates with SmartThings. Woohoo. Also it looks pretty cool on the wall and I like that it is a button instead of a flip switch

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