webCoRE for SmartThings – An Introduction

A brief introduction to the webCoRE SmartApp on the the Samsung SmartThings platform.

Installation Walkthrough Video:

webCoRE Wiki:

webCoRE Community Forum:

27 Replies to “webCoRE for SmartThings – An Introduction”

  1. Crak Baby

    Hi There, Great tutorial, thanks. Watching it as I create my first piston, but I have a problem and was wondering if you could help. When I got to the "Create Action" section, I noticed that my TP-link plugs do not have any "Device" commands, only "Location" ones. When I originally did the webcore install, I had to manually add them as devices. logging in to the smartthings portal, the device "type" shows as placeholder. Thanks in advance if you can help, but otherwise, thanks for the videos!

  2. Glen Branigan

    Hi Robin, and thanks for the informative intro into Webcore, It's earlier days for me as I only purchased smartthings just over a week ago.
    I have found researching solutions less straight forward that my prepurchase research had me believe. For example I'm after a way of interfacing with SHM outside of the android app, preferably using Google home or a keypad…..but googling solutions hasn't been too forthcoming, would Webcore help here?
    Thanks in advance and regards

  3. cyanks1

    Robin- Awesome job. I am new to Webcore and found the video extremely helpful. My question is once you create the piston, how do you "make it live" in SmartThings? I have created several but I don't see them in SmartThings

  4. M Strauch

    Thank you! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I don't really write code, but I have enough knowledge to be dangerous – so I love the fact that it is basically a template and will keep the script clean. I am really looking forward to learning and harnessing my home automation potential. Again, thanks!

  5. Mike Bowen

    Wow oh wow! – This is exactly what I was looking for, couldn't understand how basic Smartthings is when there are so many possibilities. Thank you so much for a wonderful video. Guess what I am doing tonight?

  6. David S.

    I just installed WebCoRE and I am noticing some differences from what I can do, compared to what the video is showing me what to do.
    A few key features I'm not able to do is to Drag-N-Drop like it is shown in the video. And when I click "+ add a new statement", I don't see the option "only when" as an choice like it is shown in the video to setup time restrictions.
    If these are new changes, will there be a new video using these new changes in the examples? This is very confusing for someone trying to learn WebCoRE with example not matching the software.

    Thank you.

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