We Turned LG’s WALLPAPER TV into a WINDOW!

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48 Replies to “We Turned LG’s WALLPAPER TV into a WINDOW!”

  1. tankrage17

    seriously linus i don't have anything against people who are busy with technology because its an aspect that interests me aswell…, that being said.

    WTF DUDE don't you have any backspine in your body? you don;'t seem to have any clue about working with your hands, i know about technology but i also know how to work with my hands and whats up with those stupid "nike air jeruzalem sandals " beneath a fucking jeans your a terrible person linus really look at your shoes man, seeing the looks of this video you should be ashamed that you let your wife do the man jobs and your just wiggeling arround on your sandals, you gave a drill to a person who was cutting your plate on SANDALS ???? heard of working shoes ? plus how can you not know how to take a dimension from any object thats given ? and draw it on a plate to cut out ? i admire the fact your into the whole computer business thing and do what you like to do but take your head out of your ass man and grab some tools to work with your hands try to build a house for example maybe ? its something different then a computer with specs …, just saying you got all that money to buy computer parts but no descent shoes there is something wrong with culture these days …

  2. echodelta9

    Awesome picture, crap sound from under the table. Why? Speaker bars, good for baseball batting practice. Just like those hockey puck eavesdropping devices that make sounds and share my name. Street hockey using a sewer as GOAL!!! Don't use blurtooth either.

    I just found a 55 inch LED (ell-e-dee) lit screen on the curb. I plugged it in, it's two strikes by a child and it's out. Grubby little fingerprints allover the frame, that's how I know. I took the LCD screen off and it makes a great "window" that lets in gobs of artificial daylight, over 350 lux. Perfect for fighting the winter blues, or super as a photography source of diffuse full spectrum light.

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