We hacked the Tesla model 3s and it's true potential is INSANE

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Today we talk about the ghost model 3 to show everyone what can be done!

Stage 1 and 2 here

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36 Replies to “We hacked the Tesla model 3s and it's true potential is INSANE”

  1. Jay Fixincars

    One of the fastest and cheapest SUPERCARS, yes I said supercars, you can easily afford is the 2006 and 2007 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG. This car will break the 200 mph marker qualifying it for a supercar. This car was around $220,000 brand new. It was the flag ship and the first year AMG in house got it up to 604 HP at 738 lb-ft. You can get a optional ReNNtek R1 performance package for $3000 that will get you dyno certified at 670 HP and 840 ft-lb. These cars can be found with roughly 50k miles on them for no BS $15,000. So for 18k you can have a daily driver that can do under 12.00 in the 1/4 mile, top out at 202 mph, and is the pinnacle of luxury. These are damn sexy looking cars too. You would never know except two things, the exhaust if you rev the motor and the bi-turbo emblems on the side. It has a V12 twin turbo 6.0l engine. 6 speed transmission and the engine was built by one person from start to finish with a name plate on your motor from them. Check it out you will not be disappointed in a used car that costs less then a new Prius but will blow the doors off your Vet and Model S. The only drawback is the expensive coil packs should one of the two fail at about $1500 each and they do.

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