We hacked a Tesla model 3 to all wheel drive and it’s fantastic!

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today we convert a rear wheel drive tesla model 3 into an all wheel drive car.

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21 Replies to “We hacked a Tesla model 3 to all wheel drive and it’s fantastic!”

  1. Rustin Cole Sailors

    Dude I’m so glad I found your channel. Your sarcasm is priceless and honestly? Refreshing, currently binging all of your content, thx for being candid and hilarious. Also I’d love to work with you on something, if you have a project you need an extra hand on let me know, trying to learn from people who also don’t know where they’re doing, isn’t that how it works?

  2. O O

    Hi! Rich. Hope you are keeping safe in this period. How do I reach you by email privately or by phone. I am a friend of Seneca and need to have a discuss related to business. Thanks.

  3. Noel Webley

    Yeah I like all the Tesla's and everything. I do not like the gas vehicles at all. I think it's a waste of money now trying to buy a gas vehicle. Even though it's convenient we need to try to do other things that's an advanced like they do in Hong Kong. We still messing with fossil engines like we back in the 70s with a fancy body shape and a little bit of electronics. We can have a lot of very Advanced vehicles but somehow in the US they don't want to advance their mind set on things. Only was convenient with money.

  4. Ezequiel Jiménez



    This Tesla situation it look the same, apple didn't let the people fix them own phones and always was so expensive official repairs, but they won! ifixit won the battle, iPhone is not the best in the market and doesn't have the same innovation. so I believe that in the future you'll win this fight giving this power to the consumers. you're a pioneer. hope the electric cars come in the future in south America.

    You and your team are awesome.

  5. t laww

    😂😂😂😂😂who wants to spend over $50k for a car that looks like a toad. Maneeee I’m rolling , I’m glad someone
    Else said it, outside or the model s, Tesla’s are some ugly designed cars

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